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The Web Radio Station is one of the voices of the College, run by students for the LaGuardia Community. We’re here to speak, entertain, and inspire.
We're here for YOU!
About Us

WebRadio was started in the summer of 2005. Any student or faculty member at LaGuardia Community College can work with WebRadio organization.

WebRadio employs students, both volunteer and paid, from a wide range of backgrounds and majors.

Besides learning hands on experience, students have the chance to meet people and gain interpersonal skills. WebRadio will serve as an educational laboratory for students wishing to learn about radio and the broadcast industry.


WebRadio will also provide the student body at LaGuardia, as well as the surrounding community, a chance to voice their issues and concerns surrounding our lives.

Unlike commercial radio stations WebRadio programs and plays a wide variety of music. We are always seeking new and original programming to keep our listeners happy.

Although LaGuardia offers (or will offer) courses in Radio Broadcasting and Broadcast Journalism, only WebRadio gives the student a chance to go beyond the classroom.

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