• Transfer Checklist/Timeline

    This checklist will be a helpful guide during the transfer and application process.

    0-12 CREDITS 

      Understand the importance of good grades
    Maintaining a GPA between 3.0 and 4.0 will open many doors when you are ready to transfer, so set the foundation for becoming a good student early
     icon-check  Read the LaGuardia Community College Catalog
    Get familiar with academic policies and major requirements
    icon-check  Explore career and educational requirements for your chosen field
    Talk to professors and advisors
    Create an eCareer profile
    icon-check  Start saving your syllabi
    You may need them for credit evaluation when you transfer
    icon-check  Consider taking English and Math early in your academic career
    In order to transfer to a senior CUNY college, you must have passed a college-level English and Math course with a "C" or better

    13-30 CREDITS 

    icon-check  Visit the Office of Transfer Services, if you haven't done so already
    Start a conversation about your transfer goals
    icon-check  Check for articulation agreements  
    icon-check  Use the College Board website to explore 4 year college preferences 
    icon-check  Explore college web sites - look at courses offered, faculty profiles, extracurricular
    activities, scholarships offered, and any other factors that are important to you
    icon-check  Read and understand CUNY transfer policies and Pathways if you plan on applying to CUNY schools.    
    icon-check  If you haven't already, start exploring transfer options with staff in the Office of Transfer Services 
    icon-check  Attend senior college open house events and/or discuss programs with departments and admissions reps 
    icon-check  If possible, travel to out-of-state colleges and universities to get a sense of the environment 
    icon-check  Begin scholarship search especially if you're considering private schools. 

    30-45 CREDITS 

    icon-check  CUNY TRACK  
    icon-check  Make sure you've taken at least one 3-credit college-level Math and English and passed with a
    grade of "C" or better

    This is very important. You won't be accepted to any CUNY college without this requirement. It's possible that your Math or English test scores were high enough to exempt you, but most likely not. Take these courses early in your academic career to ensure a smoother application process.
      icon-check  Check your DegreeWorks to make sure you are on track to graduate 
      icon-check  Know the deadlines for the CUNY Application: September 15 for Spring and February 1 for Fall
    The online application is usually available 4 months before the deadline. Apply as early as possible and follow up on the status of your application with UAPC.
      icon-check  Have someone at Transfer Services check your application before you submit it 




    Enlist the help of Transfer Services in your application process
    We are here to help at every step of the way, from thinking about your options to submitting your applications.

    Keep track of deadlines for the application, financial aid/FAFSA, and the CSS

    Find out if you need to use the Common Application to apply

    Obtain application fee waiver forms from Transfer Services, if necessary 
    Work on your personal statement
    Expect to do several drafts of your personal statement and have several people read it. The Office of Transfer Services helps students develop and refine their statements

      icon-check  Submit scholarship applications
    The Office of Transfer Services helps students provides scholarship resources and assistance with essay writing

      Obtain letters of recommendations from professors
    Make sure to give your professors plenty of time to write the recommendations. You might also want to show them your personal statement to give them a better idea of what you wish to accomplish by going to a particular school
      icon-check  Know if you need to take additional tests
    Some private schools may require you to take tests to be admitted (SAT, ACT, TOEFL, etc). Please be aware of their admission policies and the deadlines for testing and seek out help if you must take one of these tests
    Check for articulation agreements 
      icon-check  Check your DegreeWorks to make sure you are on track to graduate 

      BEFORE YOUR FINAL SEMESTER (FYI -you may need to meet applications deadlines several semesters in advance so know your deadlines)
    icon-check  Apply for "Intent to Graduate" in your last 12 week session
    icon-check  Submit applications if you haven't already done so (remember fee waivers are available for SUNY and private schools)
    icon-check  Apply for financial aid and scholarships, if you haven't already done so


    icon-check  Send final transcript to school you will be attending

    Office of Transfer Services 
    home-icon  LaGuardia Community College
    31-10 Thomson Avenue,
    Long Island City, NY 11101
    Room B-215
    mobile-phone-icon  Phone: 718.482.5185
      Fax: 718.609.2100
    email-icon  Email: transfer@lagcc.cuny.edu 
      FAFSA code: 010051/ CEEB code 002246