• Student Elections Central
  • Resources for Candidates have moved to Blackboard! 

    Starting Monday, March 31, 2014, candidates will have to access a new BlackBoard Organization called "Student Elections 2014". We will post all documents, forms, calendar items, and general announcements from now on BlackBoard. A BlackBoard Organization functions exactly the same way as a BlackBoard Class. The only difference is that you're a "participant" in an organization, but a "student" in a class.


    Blackboard opens up a new world of elections opportunities for you! 

    • Did you miss the mixer? Do you still want to be part of a slate? Use the "Form or Join a Slate" discussion board to connect with other candidates who are looking to fill out their slate or form your own.
    • Submitting flier designs is simple with the Assignment Submission tool.
    • A group will be created for each slate that submits the Ballot Registration Form on time. Members of a group have access to a private discussion board which allows for easy collaboration, planning, and information sharing.
    • And much more is available to you, now that you have access to BlackBoard.


    How Access the New Blackboard Organization "Student Elections 2014" 

    1. Log in to BlackBoard via MyLaGuardia or CUNY Portal.
    2. Look for the "My Organizations" module.
    3. In it, click "Student Elections 2014" to get started. 


    Quick Reference - Student Elections Code, Revised March 2014  


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