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      ABDELGHANI, AHMED - 199 
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      Q & A with FIRSTNAME 


      What three student issues are most important to you?



      1. Job opportunities 
      2. Scholarship resolve Financial Aid procedures and efficient Transfer Procedure 
      3. Campus and Traffic Safety 




      What makes a good leader?


      Hi, I’m Ahmed Abdelghani, I have an undergrad in Business Administration, and I will earn my Associate degree at sep2014.After the completion of my Associates I plan on transferring to a university to obtain a joint bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. / I’m natural leader and team player. I was a sergeant in the Egyptian army and I led a team of 9, I like to remember my back ground in Egypt, I like to improve my life in USA, / I am outgoing and very organized. I am a very positive person and very determined. The achievements I have obtained while at LaGuardia have not only motivatedme to push on forward, but also helped me gain the knowledge I necessarily need in the work place.



      Why should you be elected to represent the LAGCC Student Body?


      It has widely opened the door of success for me and I have realized it will remain open as I stay dedicated to my studies. I believe this school has placed me on the right track in order for my future goals to be accomplished. When I first started attending this school, I majored in liberal Art because of my love for Art, but I took a self-assessment and realized who I was destined to be and so far I love business administration. / The position that I am interested in is Public Relations Officer. The purpose of the SGA is to be the official representative voice of the student body’s interests, concerns, and needs for the students. liaison on behalf of the student body when dealing with college administration and other important matters. SGA will design and implement an informal system which will facilitate the collection, review and dissemination of data that is sensitive to the concerns, opinions, perceptions, and general interests of the student body, the SGA’s main purpose is to help the student body, and to assist in helping to c / My goals are to get the students' voices heard. I would like to see activities for students to participate in. I would also like to have the student government better known and help to do as much for the students as we possibly can. / Social Skills: I have good relationships with people in lot ofdifferent environments. I am always willing to do extra work. I am very hands on and laid back at the same time. I can get along with anyone and everyone. I believe my two strongest qualities are my ability to get along with everyone and my work ethic. To represent the student body in a professional and unbiased way. I plan to listen and give the opinions of the students. / ...Load Older Messages.Load Newer Messages. / Load More Results.Select messages to forwardSelect messages to deleteSelect messages to mark as spamCancelDeleteForwardMark Spam. /