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    Natural Sciences houses Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Currently, the Department offers Associates in Science (AS) Degrees in Biology and Environmental Science. Faculty are actively involved in research in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics both on and off campus. Students interested in the Natural Sciences are encouraged to conduct research projects under faculty supervision.

    The Department of Natural Sciences is committed to providing an interactive learning environment that incorporates the lived experience, to providing extracurricular venues that enhance student learning, to integrating a hypothesis-driven research component into the science curriculum, to diversifying the natural sciences by increasing underrepresented minority participation, and to encouraging students to pursue advanced degrees in the Natural Sciences.


  • Environmental Improvement Fund Awarded to Professor Sarah Durand

    Click here for full details.

    Congratulations to Professor Durand on this amazing achievement.

    Interested in Research in Summer 2015?

    Click here for the Barnard Science Summer Program 2015 Announcement.

    The Closing Date for applications is 04/15/2015.

    Click here for the Barnard Science Summer Program 2015 Application form.

    Exciting Hybrid Chemistry Course (SCC-110) Available for Spring I  2014

    Foundations of Chemistry

    If you have outside College commitments or have little time to come into College, then this hybrid class is for you.

    The class offers the 'best of both worlds',  with a mix of online and traditional, face-to-face classroom instruction.

    Come to Room M-204 to begin the registration process.

    SCC 110. 258 A&B (72850 & 72851)

    Lecture: Friday 2.15 - 3:15PM Rm. E-216 
    Lab: Friday 3.25 - 6.45PM E-346

    STEM Tutoring Day

    Date: Monday December 1, all day from 10am - 5pm

    Location: Poolside Cafe.

    Relax, enjoy a coffee and solve all your Math problems

    Click here for the STEM Tutoring Day Flyer

    Cell Talks November 21, 2014

    The next Cell Talks will take place on Friday November 21 at 2.00pm in Room E-242

    Click here for the Cell Talks Flyer

    Click here for the spotlight page of speaker Annelie Aguessy

    Math Skills Workshops for STEM Students Schedule Fall I 2014 in M-201A

    These sessions are designed to improve your Math abilities 

    We strongly advise you to come along.

    Click here for details and the Fall I schedule

    CSTEP Tutoring Schedule Fall I 2014 in E-342

    There are sessions for many Natural Sciences Dept courses 

    Please come along. They are designed for your benefit.

    Click here for details

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