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Financial Aid News - Summer 2014

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Student Financial Services (SFS) Hours SFS Resource Center Hours
Room C107 Room C109
Monday & Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Monday & Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Tuesday & Wednesday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Tuesday & Wednesday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Friday 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Friday 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Manage your Financial Aid on CUNYFIRST

  • Check the status of your financial aid
  • Comply with the items on your “To Do List”
  • Accept your financial aid awards

It’s not too late to file your FAFSA for the Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 academic year.

Follow these 3 easy steps...

Step 1 - Prepare

  • Visit https://pin.ed.gov/ to find or create your Federal Pin. All applicants must use a Federal Pin number to apply for financial aid.
  • Gather the documents needed to file.
  • Personal & Parents (If applicable) 2013 Tax Return
  • Untaxed income e.g. Social Security, SNAP benefits, etc.

Step 2 - Apply

  • Log on to www.fafsa.ed.gov to file your FAFSA application.
    (You will need a valid email address to apply for federal aid)
  • Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) to access the income tax information for you, your spouse and your parents, if applicable. It is the best way to ensure the FAFSA has accurate income information.
  • If you are selected for verification, the DRT will ensure a speedy process.
  • After you complete your FAFSA, apply for New York State Aid (TAP) at www.hesc.ny.gov

Step 3 - Confirm

  • Check your email one week after completing your FAFSA. The Department of Education (DOE) will send you an email with a link to view your Student Aid Report (SAR).
  • Review your SAR for inaccuracies.
  • If you are selected for Verification or if you have to change information, correct the data electronically or submit it to Student Financial Services in-person to C107; via email to studentfinancialservices@lagcc.cuny.edu; or fax it to (718) 609-2020.
  • When your financial aid application is complete, if you are eligible, you will receive a notification to view your financial aid awards on CUNYfirst.

*Check your LaGuardia email regularly for information from Student Financial Services.

If You Are Selected For Verification You Must Provide C107 with:

  • The completed Verification Worksheet
  • 2013 IRS Tax Transcripts (only if you did not use the Data Retrieval tool on your FAFSA application)
  • Copies of schedules filed with your 2013 tax return (such as schedule B, C, D, E)
  • Make sure you also comply with all the items on your “To Do List”

Want More Money???
Apply now for the 2014-2015 LaGuardia Foundation Scholarships…

  • The LaGuardia Community College/CUNY Foundation has a number of scholarships available to students currently enrolled and have attained a high degree of academic excellence. Applicants are asked to write a brief personal statement describing their background education and career goals, and submit the application online.
  • LaGuardia Foundation Scholarship awards range from $500 to $4,000 per year.
  • Complete the application at: www.laguardia.edu/scholarships.

Lifetime Eligibility for PELL

  • The amount of Federal Pell Grant funds you may receive over your lifetime is limited to 6 years. Each year you can receive a maximum Pell of 100%; the six-year equivalent is 600%. At LaGuardia Community College the amount of PELL used cannot exceed 150% of a students’ academic program (90 credits). Check your usage at www.nslds.ed.gov.

*NEW Subsidized Loan LifetimeEligibility Rule

  • Eligibility for subsidized loans is 150% of the length of the students’ academic program.

Federal Direct LoanCounseling:

  • Interested in applying for Federal Direct Loans? You must attend an Entrance Counseling Workshop to help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a borrower before submitting a loan application.
  • All student loan recipients who are registered for Intent to Graduate must complete and attend an Exit Counseling Workshop. Come to C-109 to partake in the workshop. Representatives will be available to answer any questions you may have about your loan debt.

Book Advance

  • In order to receive a book advance, you should complete and verify your financial aid by July 5, 2014.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • To maintain eligibility for Federal Financial Aid (Title IV funds) you must maintain satisfactory academic progress. Your academic progress is reviewed annually (after Spring Session II grades are submitted) to determine your eligibility for the upcoming academic year.
  • Federal regulations require students to maintain a “C” average, or higher according to the following criteria:
    • A student’s earned credits are equal to or greater than two-thirds of the credits the student has attempted at the institution.
    • The credits a student has attempted are not more than 150% of the credits normally required for completion (90 credits).
  • The CUNYBoard of Trustee Policy for Satisfactory Academic Standing requires students to maintain a certain grade point average based on the number of credits attempted as follows:

Credits attempted Required minimum GPA
1 – 12 1.50
13 – 24 1.75
25 or more 2.00

Basic Skills/Remedial Coursework

  • You may receive federal financial aid payments for no more than 30 hours of non-credit remedial course work. This restriction does not apply to English as a Second Language courses.

Important Financial Aid Links & Numbers

For your FAFSA application status, to order a duplicate SAR, or general information about Federal Aid please call (800) 433-3243 or visit http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ .

For information about:
TAP status please visit http://www.hesc.ny.gov.
VA Education Benefits please call (888) 442-4551 or visit http://www.gibill.va.gov/
Federal Direct Student Loan please call (800) 433-3243 or visit www.studentloans.gov

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