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Three-Year Renovation of LaGuardia’s C-Building Begins

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Three-Year Renovation of LaGuardia’s C-Building Begins


Starting this June, LaGuardia’s C-Building will go under construction. Renovations include rebuilding of the façade and entryway, improvements to the lobby that will provide a larger communal space and café for students and faculty with more seating areas and better circulation, added insulation and improved energy performance throughout the building, redevelopment of the rear south side and better lighting at night. Since faculty, staff and students will continue to occupy the building during construction, noise and disruptions to life in the C-Building will be minimized, as most work will take place at night. Other changes to the flow of daily activities in and around the building include closure of certain building areas and rerouting of pedestrian traffic. The project is expected to be completed in 2017.


To stay informed during the construction process and for access to the C-building Hotline, you can visit the College’s website at www.laguardia.edu/crenovation/.


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