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    The Program for Deaf Adults (PDA) offers the same quality learning opportunities and services off campus that is offered on the campus through our Contract Service Program. We provide a variety of educational experiences and consultation services for agencies and corporations who employ or serve individuals who are Deaf, hard-of-hearing, Deaf-Blind and hearing.

    PDA’s Contract Service Program offers trained professionals whose lives have been dedicated to learning Deaf Culture, American Sign Language and English/Math Literacy. And…we offer a lifetime of educational and administrative experiences. The Deaf community shares a vision for its advancement and defines its vision with goals to enhance the quality of life, such as the same job training and communication access available to their hearing peers. PDA is able to listen creatively to these needs; design programs and services to meet them; and help employers implement and manage the program or services.

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        To obtain more information, contact:

        Pacts Cartagna
        Acting Coordinator of Continuing Education Programs
        (917) 832-1202 VP/voice.




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