I'm in college now because the GED Bridge to Health Careers Program prepared me to meet any challenge.  It has helped me understand what nursing is all about.



- Tenzin Norbu, LaGuardia Community College,  Class of 2010



The GED Bridge to Business Careers Program helped me get the education I always wanted.  It has prepared me for college and everyday life.  I feel a lot better about myself. 

- Basil Thompson, LaGuardia Community College, Class of 2010

 Read this profile piece  about Caroline Clarke, former GED Bridge to Health Careers student, who is now enrolled in LaGaurdia's Medical Office Clinical Technician Program.

LaGuardia Bridges Gap between GED and Successful Career

from LiveWire Newsletter #76, March 2009

By Liesl Fores, Director of Communications,
Division of Adult and Continuing Education

LaGuardia Community College’s GED Bridge Programs held their first Student Recognition Ceremony on February 3, 2009. Graduates and current members from both Bridge to Health Careers and Bridge to Business Careers were recognized for their participation in the program, which links intensive GED test preparation with coursework that prepares students to enter or advance in a health care or business career.

Honored guests included Dennis Walcott, New York City Deputy Mayor for Education and Community Development; A. Richardson Love, Jr., Program Manager for Education at MetLife Foundation; Gail O. Mellow, President of LaGuardia; and Jane Schulman, Vice President of LaGuardia’s Division of Adult and Continuing Education (ACE).

Commending students for enrolling in the program and some earning their GED certificate, Deputy Mayor Walcott encouraged them to “take the next step up the ladder.”

“A high school diploma is essential, but it’s just a platform,” added President Mellow. “The next time I see you, I’ll be shaking your hand as you graduate from LaGuardia.”

Calling this collaboration between the New York City Mayor’s Office of Adult Education, MetLife Foundation and LaGuardia, a “great experiment,” Vice President Schulman told participants, “You are our ambassadors. Where you go, we expect many to follow.”

Pointing out LaGuardia’s success in carrying out innovative programs that help students move forward in their education and career, Mr. Love asserted, “There are colleges all over the nation that look to LaGuardia.”

Also on hand to address the audience were student speakers Fabiana Gerola and Aliza Rosario. Ms. Gerola, who came from Brazil five years ago, recalled, “I didn’t know if I had the skills,” she says. “The only thing I had was the determination.” However, after two tries at the GED exam, two semesters of the Bridge to Business program and “lots of hard work,” she achieved her goal. Ms. Gerola received her GED certificate and will be enrolling in college at LaGuardia this spring. Her long-term aspiration is to start an events planning business.

Inspired by her father’s experience as an Emergency Medical Technician, Aliza Rosario’s dream had always been to become a nurse. However, her high school education was interrupted when she became a mother at a young age. Studying in the Bridge to Health Careers program, she earned her GED certificate and received a scholarship through ACE to study in the Medical Office Clinical Technician Program, which she will be completing this spring. “This will bring me one step closer to my goal of becoming a nurse.”

Of the more than 150 participants being recognized, over a third has already earned a GED certificate. Program coordinators Linda Chin and Amy Dalsimer, among other program staff, distributed recognition certificates to those who have passed the GED exam, while individual students received achievement awards in categories such as enrolling in college or a certificate program, professional achievements, peer leadership and more.











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