Bridge Program Contextualized Curriculum Resources 

The Bridge Program is centered around preparing students in a specific sector.



A sector-focused curriculum improves students’ academic skills by engaging them with key issues and questions relevant to their career goals.



The HSE (Formerly GED) Bridge Programs’ curriculum uses authentic, primary source materials from specific career fields to build basic skills. Areas currently offered include Health, Business and Science.


Bridge to Business                             Bridge to Science                          Bridge to Health  
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             Sample Lesson                                 Sample Curriculum                         Sample Lesson             


How does the Bridge curriculum prepare students to make informed decisions about post secondary transitions?

 During the program semester, all Bridge students complete a series of college and career workshops, are designed to help students shape their own college and career pathway.

A transitions counselor works with Bridge students providing both group support as well as one-on-one attention. In the classroom setting,  counselor facilitates the college and career workshops, while beyond the classroom they work with students to develop and execute more individualized plans.  Additional transitional supports include assistance with the application process, financial aid guidance, and educational case management.

Once the semester is over and students have successfully passed their HSE exam, transition supports continue for students moving into college and certificate training programs.

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