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    Natural Sciences houses Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science. Currently, the Department offers Associates in Science (AS) Degrees in Biology and Environmental Science. Faculty are actively involved in research in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science both on and off campus. Students interested in the Natural Sciences are encouraged to conduct research projects under faculty supervision.

    The Department of Natural Sciences is committed to providing an interactive learning environment that incorporates the lived experience, to providing extracurricular venues that enhance student learning, to integrating a hypothesis-driven research component into the science curriculum, to diversifying the natural sciences by increasing underrepresented minority participation, and to encouraging students to pursue advanced degrees in the Natural Sciences.


  • News and Announcements

    • New Course in Fall I, 2015 - SCP 105 Life in the Universe

      This class explores the possibility that life exists elsewhere in the Universe.  Topics covered include identifying potential worlds where life could thrive, the properties of stars that could host habitable worlds, interstellar travel, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and UFO sightings.
      There are 2 sections in Fall I 2015, each worth 3 credit hours:
      Tuesday, 11:45am-3:15pm
      Thursday, 3:25pm-6:45pm
      Click here for further details 
    • Science Majors Advising Sessions for Fall, 2015

      Liberal Arts, Math and Science, Biology, Engineering, Computer Science and Environmental Science Majors.
      Gift card raffles every hour!!!

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    • Introducing the New Natural Sciences Biology Club

      If you are interested in joining, please come to M-204 to register.
      Click here for full details.
    • Cell Talks Schedule for Spring 2015

      The next Cell Talks will take place on Friday March 27 at 2.00pm in Room E-242.
      Click here for full details.
    • Environmental Improvement Fund Awarded to Professor Sarah Durand

      Congratulations to Professor Durand on this amazing achievement.
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    • CSTEP Tutoring Schedule Spring I 2015 in E-342

      There are sessions for many Natural Sciences Department courses. There are sessions for many Natural Sciences Dept courses.
      Please come along. They are designed for your benefit.

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