Regular lab hours are Monday through Friday, from 9:30am to 5pm. Evening and Saturday hours are also available to day and extended day students. 


    Priority is given to students currently enrolled in Media Studies, New Media Technology, and Digital Media Arts Certificate courses so that they are able to fulfill required class assignments.

    We also heartily encourage Media Studies and New Media Technology majors and Certificate students to take advantage of open lab hours. The capabilities of editing and screenwriting software are vast. What you learn in the classroom is a great start, but that’s just the beginning. There is no limit to what you can learn-by-doing on your own. Here’s another good reason to use the lab as much as you can -- access to the same hardware and software that is available to you for free in our lab, would cost you hundreds of dollars in for-profit courses or in rental fees at post-houses.

    Access to lab hardware and software is based on the following guidelines. Qualified students are:
    1. students currently enrolled in a course in the Media Studies or New Media Technology curriculum, or Digital Media Arts program,
    2. students who have successfully completed the Video Production Workshop or Internet Video class,
    3. students who can demonstrate to the CLT their familiarity with the software they wish to use, and
    4. students who have successfully completed a tutorial workshop offered by a member of the lab staff, and can demonstrate to the CLT their familiarity with the software they wish to use.

    For students who do not meet any of the qualifications listed above, on-line tutorials are available in the lab. On-line tutorials offer basic training in various software applications. After completing the tutorial, students can then reserve time to work on their own if they can demonstrate to the CLT their familiarity with the software they wish to use.


    The lab schedule varies from term to term, based on the number of classes that are taught in M121, and in the studio, M122. A lab schedule for each term will be posted in the lab and online. Certain days and times are reserved for classes, and, toward the end of the term, are reserved for students who are completing final projects for those classes.

    All other times are Open Lab Hours. Any student who fulfills any of the guidelines listed above, can–and SHOULD–use the lab for class projects, for continuing work on a class project to be screened at the June student film festival, or for pursuing a personal creative project.

    Lab users should come prepared with their own hard drives. Storage on the lab’s computers is limited, and the drives must be cleared on a regular basis. Storing data on your own drive insures that your hard work will be safe and portable. Students who wish to transfer their projects to DVD, should bring their own blank DVD discs.


    Students who meet the qualifications for access to open lab are also qualified to reserve time to stage and shoot productions in the video studio. Access to the video studio is limited because the space is shared with another program, so advance planning is required. Discuss your request with lab supervisor, Tom Seymour, before reserving time at: tseymour@lagcc.cuny.edu