LaGuardia has an agreement with the Department of Film and with the Department of Television and Radio at Brooklyn College for students from our Media Studies major who wish to transfer there. We also have an articulation agreement in place with York College for New Media Technology majors interested in continuing their studies at a four-year institution. Other CUNY colleges with baccalaureate programs in film studies, media studies, Internet and multimedia studies, film and video production (Hunter College, Queens College, Baruch College, City College, College of Staten Island) will apply all or most LaGuardia courses in the Media and Technology majors toward their own degree requirements and elective credits.

    Faculty advisors and college counselors offer individual assistance to LaGuardia students who wish to transfer to film, video, digital media, and media studies programs at: The School of Visual Arts, New York University, University of Southern California, Purchase College SUNY, and other non-CUNY colleges. In the past, LaGuardia students transferring to those institutions have had all or most of their media studies credits applied toward degree requirements and elective credits.


    LaGuardia students are required to complete one full-time internship to earn their A.A. or A.A.S. degrees. For students aspiring to a career in a media field, LaGuardia’s highly respected internship program, offered through the Department of Cooperative Education, is a distinct advantage. We regard it as a key component of our programs. Internships offer Media and Technology students valuable real-world experience and the chance to network with professionals who work in interactive, entertainment and communication media.

    Prior to your internship, you must take the Cooperative Education course, Fundamentals of Professional Advancement (CEP120). You are strongly encouraged to take the Fundamentals course as early as possible. The Fundamentals course is taught by a faculty member in the Department of Cooperative Education. Generally this person becomes the Coop Faculty Advisor for students in a given Fundamentals course. Coop faculty advisors work closely with you throughout your coop experience. The Coop faculty advisor works with your Media Studies or New Media Technology faculty advisor to guide you through the program, to advise you in the selection of internships based on your career, personal, and educational objectives, and to help you assess what has been learned through your internship and seminar.

    After completing the Fundamentals course, you may enroll in your full-time internship (CEP 201)--a 3-credit, 25-40 hour per week workplace experience. Students are graded for each three-month internship experience.

    Fundamentals of Professional Advancement and internship are required for all day students. Coop is optional for extended day students. To obtain additional information about the Cooperative Education program and its policies, consult the college catalogue or website, or contact the Department of Cooperative Education at (718) 482-5216. The Department office is located in room C459.


    Individuals can work as full-time staff members for design firms, broadcast networks, cable stations, small film production companies, or one of New York’s major motion picture studios. Many creative and craftspeople are free-lance workers. Other self-employed workers operate their own businesses.

    The types of careers available in Internet venues, television, motion pictures and video are too numerous to list them all here. However, a sample of today’s media occupations includes: writer, producer, line producer, director, assistant director, director of photography, camera assistant, camera operator, sound recordist, sound mixer, Foley artist, production assistant, boom operator, grip, gaffer, editor, assistant editor, animator, broadcast technician, ENG operator, multimedia artist, Web designer, game designer, event videographer (weddings, memorial videos, college athletics recruiting videos), media librarian, public relations, sales, cinema and media studies educator.

    TXTschiumoWhen setting career goals, it’s good to keep in mind that there are many rewarding careers outside the motion picture and broadcast industries. For some time now, graduates with media degrees have found jobs in educational institutions and corporations. Today, in spite of difficult economic conditions, there are secure careers in the legal, medical, and government sectors for producers, videographers, and individuals trained in digital asset management. Web video, mobile media, social networking, and other emerging digital media are setting the stage for new opportunities every day.




    The Office of Student Life offers students the opportunity to organize student clubs and provides support for club activities. Past film club events included movie theme nights at the college (McDonalds hamburgers with Supersize Me, a horror film marathon on Halloween night), excursions to midnight openings of blockbuster movies, teaming with the Actors and Directors Club to produce action movies and comedies.

    A rite of Spring is the Thomson Avenue Film Festival. Since 2003, the Humanities Department media programs, in conjunction with the Library’s Media Services division, has sponsored an annual festival of videos by current students and alumni–it’s a LaGuardia tradition. Friends, family, and the college community come together to celebrate the end of the school year, and the creative energy of our student filmmakers and videographers. For the filmmakers, it’s a chance to see their work in front of a large audience, on a big screen, with a quality sound system.

    Media students can also join in the operation and programming of our WebTV station. Participants can direct or crew talk shows, interviews, game shows, campus news, etc., in our television studio, then add graphics, edit and stream their productions from the WebTV editing suite.


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