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New Student House: [not running in Spring 2005]

If you need Basic Reading (CSE 099), Basic Writing (ENG 099), a college-level 3 credit course (Oral Communication/HUC 101), and a New Student Seminar (FSM), the New Student House offers you an excellent integrated program. The faculty team has planned readings, assignments and activities together so that the work you do in one course will help you in the other courses. You will study with the same group of students for the semester, your teachers will work closely with you to ensure you success in each of the courses, and you will have a great block schedule. The House theme is described below. You must take all the courses in the House. You will earn three college credits and this program will qualify you as a full-time student.

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Dr. Phyllis van Slyck

How is identity defined and shaped by family, culture, community, and society? How do cultural and gender stereotypes affect our relationships? How do new relationships and new communities change our ideas about identity? How do individuals develop a voice to define their identity? Students will refine their reading, writing and speaking skills in this cluster as they study memoirs, speeches, stories, poems, plays and contemporary films. Readings and films include Euripides' Medea, Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, and essays and memoirs about identity and culture. House activities will include field trips to museums and, possibly, a play.
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LaGuardia Community College (CUNY), 31-10 Thomson Avenue, L.I.C., New York, NY 11101
Contact: Phyllis van Slyck, 718.482.5660, vanph@lagcc.cuny.edu