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What is an ESL Learning Community?

ESL Learning Communities have been developed to provide an opportunity for students of English as a second language to study major courses while studying language. They are designed so that the language learning in the ESL course supports the language needed for study in a particular major course. These specially designed courses have been highly effective in promoting students’ language learning and their success in major courses such as Introduction to Computers, Introduction to Accounting, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Sociology and Exploring the Humanities.

Some important features of ESL Learning Communities are:

  • Courses are specially designed for English language learners
  • An ESL course is linked with one or two courses in a major concentration
  • An ESL course is linked with courses with shared themes and joint activities
  • Students work collaboratively in class and faculty collaborate on course materials
  • ESL specialists and content-area faculty work together to maximize your learning of language and content
  • ESL pairs and clusters are a stimulating, fun way to learn through active participation
  • ESL Pairs and clusters make it possible to participate in credit-bearing courses

ESL Courses at LaGuardia are paired with college-level courses in:

  • computing
  • accounting & business
  • humanities
  • sociology and human services
  • reading

Refer to the Schedule of Classes for Current ESL Pairs

Take an Introductory Major Course While Learning English

Learning English is fun when it is combined with courses in specific majors. You will have the opportunity to work together and complete joint assignments that count in both courses. You will acquire skills in a specific area while you complete your English language requirements. You will earn credit for your work.

Receive Language Support to Increase Learning in the Content Course
Learn the concepts and vocabulary of a major area of study while you receive instruction in English language necessary to express yourself clearly.

Benefit from Language Support in the Content Course
Practice interpreting and writing essay questions for exams.

Work with Classmates and Form Study Groups
Study with your classmates both in and outside of class and receive higher grades.

Benefit from the Collaboration of Your Professors
Professors work collaboratively and plan together for your benefit.

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