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    The Fine Arts Program, coordinated by the Humanities Department, leads to an Associate of Science (A. S.) Degree. This two-year program will offer training in studio art for students seeking careers in either the Fine or Applied Arts. Emphasis throughout the curriculum will be placed on individual creativity, aesthetic awareness, and an understanding of the visual arts in societies past and present.

    The Fine Arts Program is open to students of all levels who wish to expand their technical and aesthetic knowledge in the areas of painting, drawing, sculpture, design, photography, and the history of art and film. The curriculum is structured to prepare students for immediate career objectives, or for transfer to B. A. or B. F. A. programs in studio art at the senior colleges of City University or other metropolitan area art schools. The Fine Arts curriculum is also designed to meet the needs of students who intend to transfer to specialized commercial art programs.

    Degrees offered: AS degree in Fine Art, AS degree in Design Studies and AAS degree in Industrial Design

    Contact:     Arthur Simms, Director of Fine Arts Program
    Office:        C-745Y
    Email:        asimms@lagcc.cuny.edu 


    • Fine Arts – AS Degree

    • Fine Arts – Design Studies Option Curriculum

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