A Note to Professors

Students Working Together

Thanks for your interest in the Writing Center. In order to best serve your students, tutors need to know what you want each student to work on. Here are some ways to get the most help from the Writing Center for your students:

1. Put your assignments in writing.  Often students forget, miscopy or mishear the assignment.

2. Please make comments on every student's papers. Various strategies to make this easier include:
-- find two or three things you want the student to focus on.
-- use correction symbols for grammar and mechanical errors
--mark the essay either by noting  or  underlining specific errors, or making a mark next to each line containing errors or problems to be addressed.

3. Emphasize that tutoring writing is a process. Coming to the Writing Center isn't a magical, while-you-sleep cure-all. Your students should expect to come to tutoring for at least a few  sessions.

4. Encourage students to revise. One of the hardest challenges is motivating students who are discouraged. Knowing that you feel they can improve is important. Tutors will certainly support your efforts in this.

5. Provide students with a copy of correction symbols and examples of each symbol you use in sentences.