Our Mission

The Writing Center was created 33 years ago, in 1974, to serve students at LaGuardia who needed help with their writing. We are still here, although in a different location, and our mission has not changed.  We are open to all students who would like assistance with a written assignment beyond ESL and Reading courses. Students may come to the Writing Center to work on any part of the writing process, from getting started through finishing a draft all the way to making revisions after the teacher has marked the paper. We aim to empower students to become skilled, independent writers able to critique their own work and the work of others. For that reason, tutors do not “edit” or “proofread” student writing.  They do help students to edit and proofread their own writing.

Writing Center Staff

Students do not need an appointment, but should arrive for tutoring a few minutes before  the beginning of  any LaGuardia class period. If the session involves a paper for a class, the actual  written assignment from the  professor is very important to the effectiveness of the session.  If the teacher has already seen a draft of the paper, the teacher’s suggestions for revision are also very important.

We look forward to working with you, students and teachers alike!