Writing and Literature Major: Information

Our Writing and Literature Program leads to an Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree and is designed to articulate fully with the English major at Queens College. Students who complete the Writing and Literature Program may transfer as juniors to the English Major at Queens College.

To finish the program successfully, all Writing and Literature students must complete 60 credits. These credits are distributed as follows: 9 English Writing Core credits, 9 Humanities credits, 9 Social Sciences credits, 3 Mathematics credits, 3 Natural and Applied Sciences credits, 6 Cooperative Education credits and 21 Writing and Literature credits. For detailed information on requirements and options, see our Writing and Literature Major Courses page.

As a student in the Writing and Literature Program, you will be encouraged to participate in literary activities such as student and faculty poetry and fiction readings and to submit your work to publications such as Literary LaGuardia and The Bridge.