Kristen Gallagher
Marian Arkin
Phone: 718.482.5638
Office: C-411

Kristen Gallagher was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She received her B.A. from University of Pennsylvania in 1991 with a major in Biological Basis of Behavior and worked with Dr. Ed Pugh researching color vision. After working in vision science at University of California-Davis for two years, Professor Gallagher realized she preferred to be a poet. She then returned to Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania College of General Studies where she studied Modern and Contemporary American Poetry with Alan Filreis, Bob Perelman, and Jean-Michel Rabaté. In 1995, she was a founding member of The Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2005, she received her Ph.D. in English Literature from the SUNY Buffalo Poetics Program. From 2000-2005, she was the editor of both Rust Talks, a Buffalo-area reading and discussion series and newsletter for poetry, and Handwritten Press (poetry chapbooks). She currently co-edits WIG Journal of the Arts with Tim Shaner, and Truck Books (poetry) with Christopher Alexander. Her first poetry book We Are Here came out in 2010. At LaGuardia, she serves as the Chair of the Creative Writing Committee, co-directs the Faculty Seminar “Teaching the City” with Dr. Karen Miller from Social Science, and leads the series “Collective Translation,” an ongoing project where students, faculty, and staff from the college work in collectives to translate modern American poems into as many languages as possible. In addition to ENG 099: Basic Writing, she teaches ENN 198: Creative Writing Urban Studies, Liberal Arts 200: Haunted Media, ENG 270: Introduction to Poetry, ENG 271 Creative Writing Poetry, ENG 220: The Seminar in Teaching Writing, and ENG 102: Introduction to Literature.

Poetry Chapbooks: Poems Got Watching the News, with Christopher Alexander, New York: Cheap Art (2008).

Our National Catastrophe, with Christopher Alexander, New York: Cheap Art (2007)

No Goal, Chicago: Rubba Ducky (2006).

Articles: "Affective Labor: Teaching Writing in the New Economy," with Christopher Alexander, In Transit 3 (October 2008).

"Some Limits of Ratio; or, Aesthetic Has No Goal," Crayon 5 (September 2008).

"Neoliberal Poetry," with Christopher Alexander and Matthias Regan, Crayon 5 (September 2008).

"Pairing Freire: Teaching 'The Banking Concept of Education' with the History of Open Admissions at CUNY," Journal of the Paulo Freire Institute Online, Winter 2007, Vol. 2. Issue 2.

"Book As World: A Brief History of handwritten press" HOW2 (poetry and poetics), Special Issue: Small Press Forum (2006).

Interviews:"Conversation with Kristen Gallagher," CA Conrad, Philly Sound (September 2008).

"A Conversation with Harryette Mullen,"Kristen Gallagher, Farah Griffin and Michael Magee, Combo 1:1 (1998).

Poetry Inclusions in Magazines and Journals
Featured Poet, Primary Writing (January 2006).

Poems have appeared in Model Homes (November 2008); LaGuardia Women's Studies Newsletter (Spring 2008); Ecopoetics 4 (2007); Combo 16 (2006); Chain Arts 15 (2005); Mirage 4 Periodical (October 2005); Antennae 8 (May 2004); Combo 14 (May 2004); Art Voice (30, October 2003); Combo 12 (2003); Mirage 4 Periodical (April 2003); kenning 12 (2002); Kiosk 1 (2002); Boog City (2001); Combo 8 (2001); Combo 4 (1999); Ixnay 3 (1998); American Poetry Review 46 (3), (1998); Combo 1 (1998).

Editor: WIG: Writing at Work, periodical, 2004-present. handwritten press (poetry chapbooks), bi-annual, 1999-present.

Rust Talks Newsletter (poetry and correspondence), bi-monthly, 1999-2004.

The Form of Our Uncertainty: a Tribute to Gil Ott (festschrift), Chax Press, 2000.