Modern Langauges and Literatures Program

The study of foreign languages and literatures has been at the core of liberal arts studies for centuries. Following that tradition, the Modern Languages and Literatures Program emphasizes the development of cross-cultural communication, appreciation of literature, multicultural understanding, and analytic and interpretive capacity. The Modern Languages and Literatures Program offers students the opportunity to study more than a dozen different languages and national literatures (i.e., American Sign Language, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Tibetan, Polish, and Portuguese).

Mission Statement of the Modern Languages and Literatures Program

Provide students with excellent instruction and relevant academic resources in the areas of language, literature, civilization and urban studies. In all courses, the program encourages students to attain the highest level of proficiency and cross-cultural competence so that they can participate in a multilingual community and compete in a global society.

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