Linguistics Courses

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Please refer to the 2012-2013 catalog for the latest list of course offerings. Also the course schedule for an upcoming semester can be found on the CUNYFirst website at (Choose "Institution" and "Term". Then, type the course subject (e.g., ESL, ESR, ELJ, etc.). Select "Undergraduate LaGuardia CC" in Course Career and uncheck "Show Open Classes Only". Finally, click on "Search".)

  1. ELL101: Introduction to Language (3 lecture hrs, 0 lab hour(s), 3 credits, Pathways: Scientific World)
    An introduction to the nature, structure and history of language, this course surveys the scientific study of language and answers the question of what it means to "know" a language. Areas covered include phonology, word structure, sentence structure, how language is acquired, how languages change through time, language in society and writing systems.
    Prerequisites: CSE099 and ELG/ESA099 | Co/Pre-Requisites: NA | College-level Prerequisites: NA
  2. ELL110: English Grammar and Syntax (3 lecture hrs, 0 lab hour(s), 3 credits, )
    This course focuses on the formal concepts and categories of English grammar and syntax, sometimes both proficient and non-proficient writers and speakers of English find useful but may be unfamiliar with. The course is appropriate for students who are trying to improve their own writing as well as those interested in teaching or in learning languages, as a knowledge of the grammar of one language makes learning about another language easier. The course is an advanced course in that it examines grammatical concepts and categories both in isolation and extended discourse and explores the usefulness of these concepts in various grammatical systems.
    Prerequisites: NA | Co/Pre-Requisites: CSE095 and ENA/ENG099 and ESL/ESR099 | College-level Prerequisites: NA
  3. ELL114: Normal Language Development (3 lecture hrs, 0 lab hour(s), 3 credits, )
    This course provides a comprehensive overview of normal language acquisition and development. It explores historical and current language theories, research findings and basic stages of typically developing language users. Related topics include an exploration of second language acquisition and atypical language development in people with specific language impairment.
    Prerequisites: CSE099 and ENA/ENG099 | Co/Pre-Requisites: NA | College-level Prerequisites: HUC106 or ELL101
  4. ELL210: English Morphology (3 lecture hrs, 0 lab hour(s), 3 credits, )
    This course applies linguistic principles to the study of the English vocabulary and examines morphemes and how they combine to form English words. Topics include an overview of the history of English with particular emphasis on word development, word histories, sound change and meaning change, sources of new words, usage and variation and slang.
    Prerequisites: NA | Co/Pre-Requisites: NA | College-level Prerequisites: ENG101 and ELL101
  5. ELL220: Introduction to Sociolinguistics (3 lecture hrs, 0 lab hour(s), 3 credits, )
    This course surveys topics in sociolinguistics including language codes, regional and social dialects, and language variation as well as the cultural basis of language codes. Additional areas of study include the origins of pidgin and creole languages and the formation of speech communities/communities of practice. An overview of research methods common to sociolinguistic research will also be introduced.
    Prerequisites: MAT096 | Co/Pre-Requisites: NA | College-level Prerequisites: ENG101 and ELL101