Academic ESL

Academic ESL Program

The primary mission of the Academic ESL Program is to provide language instruction and support to students whose first language is not English so that they can succeed in accomplishing their educational goals at LaGuardia Community College. The Program has as its primary aim the teaching of academic writing and integrating into this instruction the other language skills of reading, listening, and speaking.

Academic ESL also provides its students with language support in their non-ESL courses by offering learning communities that integrate courses in other disciplines and English as a Second Language and provides non-native speakers of English throughout the College with language tutoring in support of the Writing in the Disciplines program.

Academic ESL Lab

Whenever possible, students are encouraged to register for ESL learning communities, which are course pairs (two linked courses) or clusters (at least three linked courses) with a common theme. To learn more about the many benefits of joining an ESL pair or cluster, click For information about participating in an ESL New Student House, click

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