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Dear Prospective Student:

Welcome to the Teacher Education program at LaGuardia Community College. Whether you are looking to earn a degree to transfer to a four-year college, open your own home childcare center, or for direct employment, LaGuardia can help you meet your educational and professional goals. At LaGuardia, we prepare our students to be reflective, collaborative, and responsive educators, decision makers, and role models in the classroom, the school, the community, and the global environment. We are committed to equipping our students with the content knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to meet the diverse needs of today's classrooms.

Our education students come from a variety of age, interest, cultural and national backgrounds. Traditional college-age students join individuals who are returning to school for a new career or after raising families, contributing to the diverse and valuable perspectives of the program.

The Teacher Education faculty is student-centered and dedicated to helping each candidate to be successful. Our programs offer field-based experiences with outstanding mentors. Most importantly, we continuously examine the quality of our instruction in order to promote student success and commitment to lifelong learning. Our Teacher Education graduates go on to study at other CUNY, SUNY, private in-state four-year colleges, including NYU and Columbia College, and private out-of-state colleges.

In an attempt to assist you during your journey at LaGuardia, we have developed this student handbook to provide you with relevant information and resources.


Teacher Education Programs

Mission Statement

The Teacher Education Programs at LaGuardia are designed to be transfer programs that prepare students to become dedicated, caring, competent, and confident educational professionals. Education Programs are particularly committed to serving diverse urban communities and the nation's increasingly culturally and linguistically diverse student population. In keeping with this mission, the Teacher Education Curricula are tied to the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Standards and intend to:

About the Education Program

The Education Program at LaGuardia Community College prepares individuals interested in transferring to education programs at four-year institutions or in pursuing paraprofessional positions in the school system. The program prepares knowledgeable, caring individuals to teach in diverse communities through coursework in educational foundations, language and literacy development, child development, and fieldwork. Students study effective instructional models, with an emphasis on student-centered and culturally relevant methods, and explore resources for curriculum development and instruction.


See the Education Majors page for more information about each major.

Education Courses


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