• Final Report

    Successful applicants are expected to submit a final report to EDIT. This report may be submitted once the award notice has been received, or when the project has been completed.

    The final report should clearly discuss the project, goal attainment, and the contribution this initiative made to the college community.

    The final report should be in a printable format. An electronic copy, as a separate word file from the EDIT application, should be sent to either Nurper Gokhan (Co-Chair), Marcia Glick (Co-Chair), or Wen Juan Fan. This format must include your name, department affiliation, the title of the paper, when and where it was presented and a two paragraph description written in the past tense.

    When the FINAL REPORT has been received by either co-chair of EDIT or Wen Juan Fan, then the EDIT application process has been completed. This report is a vital and necessary part of this process, and must be completed by the applicant.  If this report is not submitted, future funding by the EDIT award will be jeopardized.

    PART TIME APPLICANTS; submit hard copies (3) of the application with appropriate signatures. No electronic applications.

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