•  Learning Communities

  • LaGuardia’s Learning Communities began in 1974 when our Liberal Arts and Sciences Clusters were created. In the early nineties, LaGuardia took the national lead in establishing learning communities for students who came to college needing developmental courses. Today, our Learning Communities include ESL courses paired with introductory courses in the major, First Year Experience Academies, virtual learning communities, and developmental math and English or critical thinking pairs. 

    A longstanding commitment to Learning Communities is central to LaGuardia’s mission to meet the needs of all our entering students.  Consistent with national data, our assessment data shows that learning community students have a higher retention rate and pass their courses with higher grades. LaGuardia’s Learning Communities deepen students’ learning; they help students reflect on and develop academic goals and aspirations.

    In professional development seminars supported by the Center, faculty work together to create integrated assignments, discuss ways to help their students meet academic challenges, and investigate best practices in assessing student work.

    For more details, please visit the Learning Communities site.