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Exploring Careers

We in the COLLEGE PREP PROGRAM understand that attending college is a unique and rewarding experience. However, we also understand that most people who enroll in degree programs are doing so because they believe college is the key to a profitable and enjoyable career. Here in College Prep, we not only help you complete the college selection and college application process, we also work in conjunction with LaGuardia’s Adult Career Counseling Center ( to help you decide which direction you should take in order to start the career you want.

There are many questions that you can ask yourself when thinking about future careers:

1. What do I like to do?
2. What am I good at?
3. How much does money mean to me?
4. How much does personal hapiness mean to me?
5. What major should I pursue for this career?

College Prep can assist you in answering the questions and making decisions. Remember, you can always set up an appointment with a counselor by coming to room C232. However, you can move through the same steps that College Prep may ask you to go through in the privacy of your own home:

NY Career Zone - - Many times people choose careers based solely on the amount of income they can receive. However, we in College Prep believe that a job should also be rewarding to you in other ways as well. Our counselor uses the NY Career Zone to help you match your personality with a career.
America’s Career Infonet - - Once a match has been made, it helps to see visual descriptions of certain careers, and our counselor uses a site sponsored by America’s Career Infonet to show individuals various videos of careers.
Collegeboard.Com - - Now it is time to select a major that corresponds to the career you want! Collegeboard.Com maintains a super website that links careers to majors!
UNCW Career Services - - But what if you know what you want to study before you know what career it may lead you to? If this is your approach, then we suggest using this site, which allows you to see which kinds of careers you can pursue with selected majors.
National Board of Labor Statistics - - Finally, we believe that individuals are looking for a career that is long term. We cannot predict the future, but the National Board of Labor Statistics has made some guesses as to what the fastest growing jobs will be for the next ten years. This information answers key questions that may prove helpful in deciding a career path.

Choosing a career can be a very scary experience, but we hope these sites help take some of the anxiety out of your decision. You can also go to the Counseling Department in C245 or check its website: Good luck!

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