Family Program Description

In addition to the language barrier, immigrant parents often face other multiple obstacles when trying to raise school-aged children in New York City. These can include (1) a lack of familiarity with how the school system and the NYC Department of Education work, (2) a lack of self-confidence in their ability to advocate for their children and (3) a different cultural attitude towards the role of parents in public schools.

Our Family Literacy program is designed for immigrant parents with children in NYC elementary, middle and high schools. Classes focus on learning English and computer skills so that parents can participate more effectively in their children's education. Lessons include workshops on the NYC public school system, educational resources available for children and techniques for helping children to succeed in school.

The program strives to give immigrant parents the practical knowledge and English skills they need to be proactive in their children's education, enabling them to participate in school events, communicate with school personnel, as well as to be more productive in everyday language tasks.

The curriculum includes such topics as navigating the school system, parent-teacher conferences, phone calls and notes to teachers, solving school-related problems, supporting children's learning, and other family issues. Students participate in PACT (Parents and Children Together) activities, as they explore ways to support children's learning both inside and outside of the classroom, through family projects, family night events, and field trips.

Grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking skills are incorporated into each contextualized lesson. In addition, part of the course also addresses parents' own goal setting in order to prepare for their own further education or job training.

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