Step 3: How do I get a job?

Video: Watch how this student landed a great job. 

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Cheyenne Gartin - Business Administration

Get help finding a full-time or part-time job while you are in school or after you graduate. Each employment opportunity will give you insight into the work environment that suits you best, the kind of work you enjoy, and the types of work you wish to do. Not all of your jobs will be related to your major but they will strengthen your skills and add to your resume while you make professional contacts!

Below you will find resources that will help you get a job:

To get the job you want, you will need: 

  bulletorange    A resume 
   Open an account with Optimal Resume to get started.
  bulletorange    To do a job search 
   Look at employment listings for students at 
   College Central.
  bulletorange    Practice your interview skills 
   Create an account with Perfect Interview to
   record and review your answers with a webcam.
  bulletorange    To visit the Employment Services Center 

Search more job banks for open positions:  

  bulletorange    NY Job Zone 
  bulletorange    Job Search USA 
  bulletorange    Snag A Job 
  bulletorange    LinkUp 

Students with disabilities can also find work here:

  bulletorange    Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities
  bulletorange    Just One Break 

Need more Help?

  bulletorange    Download "Get the Job!"
  bulletorange    Speak with an Employment Specialist on campus
   Go to the Employment Service Center


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