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      English Language Competencies 

  • As individual contributors and as team members, the need to gain new competencies and enhance existing competencies is always necessary. Changes to your workplace and the global workplace that your company functions within may have you seeking training for your workforce. The Center for Corporate Education can advise you on the most practical and efficient means of enhancing the competencies of your employees.

     Customer Service
     Time and Priority Management
     Today’s Workplace
     Workplace Professionalism
     Delivering Presentations
     Developing Your Vocal Skills
     Business Writing Essentials
     Business Writing: Grammar Refresher
     Business Writing: Revising, Editing, and Proofreading
     Business Writing: Reports and Proposals
     Business Writing: Clarity Through Critical Thinking
     Email: Concise, Complete, and Courteous
     Advancing Your Career
     Managing Stress
     Making Decisions Based on Critical Thinking

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