What continuing education classes does CAPP offer?
CAPP is the Career and Professional Programs department at the Adult and Continuing Education division of LaGuardia Community College, CUNY. We offer a variety of non-credit educational, business and professional programs. You can choose to take a stand-alone course or a series of courses to complete a certificate program. The classes and programs that we offer include but are not limited to Computers, Business, Construction, Healthcare, Non Profit Management, Online Classes and Test Preparation. Our programs provide a quality education and professional opportunities for everyone since we are reasonably priced.

How long are CAPP programs?
The length of each course varies. A course can be a few weeks long, or can last over a year.

What is the difference between a CAPP course and a CAPP certificate?
If you select to take a CAPP course, this means you are taking the course without an intention to complete one of our certificate programs (if one is available for that specific course). A CAPP certificate is obtained by taking a series of courses (some in sequential order, others are not) to receive a certificate of completion through the Career and Professional Programs department. This certificate could be utilized to enhance your current skills and to add to your resume.

How do I obtain a copy of my certificate?
A CAPP representative will mail you your certificate within two (2) weeks of your completion of the certificate program. Call 718-482-7244.

What happens if I don’t receive my certificate?
Please email, or call and speak with a CAPP representative (718) 482-7244.


Who do I contact for a course assignment?
Contact your course instructor via email. His or her contact information will be provided to you on the first day of class via the syllabus.

Who do I contact for a grading question?
Grades are typically submitted to the CAPP office by your instructor. If you have any questions or concerns about your grade, please contact your course instructor via email.

How do I get my course grade?
The CAPP office will send you an official grade letter which will contain your grade for the course. 

I want more information about a specific class. What do I do?

We try our best to provide as much information on the website for all of our courses. If you wish to speak with someone, please call (718) 482-7244.


Do I need to have a GED or High School diploma to sign up for a class in CAPP?
CAPP does not require that you have a GED or High School Diploma.
Special Note: If you are registered in a course or program that prepares you to take a certification exam, you might be required to have a GED or High School Diploma in order to take that certification exam. For example, to enroll in the CAPP A+ Computer Service Technician Course, you do not need a GED or High School diploma. However, in order to take the CompTIA A+ exam, you will be required to present your GED or High School Diploma to the national testing service.

Do I need computers skills in order to take a CAPP course?
The course you decide to register for will indicate in there are prerequisites.

Are there tests required to take a CAPP course?
Certain CAPP courses require that you take a screening or language diagnostic exam. If an exam is required for a course the details will be provided in the catalog or our website.

How do I register?
ACE offers enrollment services to students.

In Person: Students can register for a class in the M-building, room 143. Walk in hours are as follows: Monday thru Thursday 10am-6pm; Friday 8:30am-3:30pm and Saturdays 8:30am-3:30pm


By Phone (718) 482-7244

When should I register for a course?
You should register at least 3 days before the class starts.

I am not sure I can pay the entire amount of Tuition?
Some CAPP courses have a tuition payment plan. Those programs are Licensed Refrigeration, CASAC, Healthcare Interpreter, and Carpentry.

What happens if the course I registered for gets cancelled?
You will have the option of transferring your payment to a future course, or can request a refund.

How will I know if a class is cancelled?
The CAPP office will notify you either by email or by a phone call that class is cancelled.

I am not on the class roster?
If you registered late you will not be on the class roster. Late registrants must present the invoice that they paid for the course in order to attend the class.

Is there any financial assistance for CAPP courses?
Many employees and/or unions provide tuition reimbursement or direct funding. Members of DC 37 or Local 1180 may apply for reimbursement on a per course basis (call DC 37 at 212/815-1663 or Local 1180 at 212/966-5353 for details and courses).

Are there any discounts?
The Division of Adult & Continuing Education (ACE) offers discounts to the following groups:
30% tuition discount is offered to alumni association members, undergraduates, senior citizens (65+ years), faculty/staff and the families of faculty/staff.
Only one discount can be applied per course. Discounts and waivers apply to all courses except those designated ND.
To receive a tuition discount you need to register in person no more than three working days prior to the start of the selected course and show appropriate ID. All discounted registrations are subject to space availability. Call (718) 482-7244 for more information.

What happens if I did not make a payment for the course?
The College reserves the right to withhold the privileges of class attendance, use of facilities and services, and access to certificates of completion from students delinquent with payments.

Does CAPP offer any programs online?
Yes! CAPP has several courses that can be completed online in the areas of business, computers, languages, and more go to

What is CourseSites?
Coursesite is an online system that allows you access to get course material and links that your instructor will provide for you use as resources.

How long can I access CourseSites?
If you have enrolled into a certificate program you will have access to information and a material one-month after the course has ended.

I forgot my password?
To set a new password on your account, click on the URL below or paste it into your browser exactly as it appears
Choose an option to retrieve your password. Enter your information for one option ONLY: Username Option or Email Address Option.

How do I change my email address?
1. Sign-in to your student’s account in Coursesite
2. On Coursesites home page under STUDENT TOOLS (left side gray box)
3. Select Personal Information
5. Go to Edit Personal Information to make a change in names
6. Go to Edit Contact Information to make a change in email
7. Go to PASSWORD tab to make a change in password