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"I took all my classes with Ms. Lawan Tyson. At first, I though I was too old for school, but when I arrived in the class, I noticed there were students of all ages. Ms. Tyson is a terrific teacher. There were many students that had trouble with the English language but Ms. Tyson made everyone feel equal. Ms. Tyson was very enthusiastic about teaching the classes. She motivated us to learn. At the end of the period, we all gave her a standing ovation."

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Computer Service Technician Certificate Preparation

Get the skills you need to start a career as a Computer Service Technician (CST). This 4-course, hands-on training program will teach you how to repair and network computers as well as Windows Operating System. Topics include hardware, software, network systems and new technologies. In addition, you may take a fifth course to learn how to build your own computer and prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification test.


Fundamental Computer Skills

New to computers? Learn the basic computer skills
necessary for both your personal and professional life.





Computadoras en Español

"Tengo que aprender a usar una computadora". ¿Te suena conocida esta frase? Entra de una vez por todas al mundo de la tecnología moderna. ¡Inscríbete ya! LaGuardia Community College ofrece 5 cursos que abarcan los conocimientos necesarios de informática que el mundo moderno exige para comunicarse con la familia y amigos o simplemente por diversión. 


Certificate Program in Microsoft Office Application

Microsoft Office is the most common software application used in business today. Successfully complete Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint courses to earn a LaGuardia Certificate in Microsoft Applications.(Courses may be taken individually without the intention to complete the certificate).

 Administrative Assistant Certificate Program
Want to work in an office environment? Are you organized and detail oriented? Become an Administrative Assistant!

In this 7-course certificate program you will learn the essential computer and communication skills needed to be
successful in an office setting. (You may take individual courses without intending to complete the certificate program.)

Required Courses for Certificate:

NEW! Professional Office Skills
The Professional Office Skills workshop series provides essential tools to help you work effectively in an office setting.

    Online Courses

    Online courses are provided by an external vendor with applicable fees. Online courses cannot be in conjunction with CAPP courses for the completion of a certificate. 

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