Dream Team

Members Title / Department / Division
Jane MacKillop (Chair) Associate Dean of Academic and Career Development, Adult and Continuing Education
Michael Rodriguez (Chair) Professor, Chair/Humanities Department, Academic Affairs
Paul Arcario Dean, Academic Affairs Office
T. Porter Brannon Registrar, Enrollment Services Center, Office of the Registrar, Student Affairs
Renee Butler Vice President of Student Affairs Office, Assistant Dean, Student Development, Student Affairs
Nathan Dickmeyer Director, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, Information Technology
Charles A. Elias Communications Marketing Manager, Marketing and Communications, Institutional Advancement
Judith Gazzola Director, Career Development Center, Adult and Continuing Education
Robert Jaffe Senior Administrator, President's Office
Maria Jerskey Faculty, Education and Language Acquisition, Academic Affairs
Laura McGowan Director, Academic Support Services, Counseling, Academic Affairs
Steven Ovadia Assistant Professor/Web Services Librarian, Library, Academic Affairs
Michele Piso Co-Editor, In Transit, and Assistant Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Academic Affairs
Reine Sarmiento Assistant Dean, Enrollment Services, Student Affairs
Cecile Spence President's Honors Fellow, President's Office
Rosemary A .Talmadge Executive Director for Organizational Development and Planning, Office of the President
Kyoko Toyama Assistant Professor, College Discovery Program/Counseling, Academic Affairs
Paul West Faculty, Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science, Academic Affairs