What is Achieving the Dream?

Achieving the Dream is a national effort to help more community college students succeed. LaGuardia Community College was the first New York State community college to be invited to join this nationwide initiative which uses research and our own data to identify barriers to student achievement and then implement college-wide strategies to improve student outcomes, like graduation rates and completion of basic skills classes. The Achieving the Dream Initiative (ATD) is funded by the Lumina Foundation for Education and there are more than 100 colleges involved in 22 states. To find out more about ATD, we'd encourage you to visit the website at http://www.achievingthedream.org 

Right now, our faculty, staff and students are coming together to tackle the first phase of the project—developing a better understanding of the data surrounding student achievement and pursuing new lines of research and inquiry. The Achieving the Dream Committee, dubbed the "Dream Team," is busy at work helping inform us about why students fall through the cracks.

Right now, we ask you to join our conversation and help us explore the roadblocks that interfere with student progress—where and why are students confronting problems? All of us—students, faculty and staff--are encouraged to cast off old assumptions and look at many issues, from why students have difficulty passing out of basic skills to the challenges part-time students face in completing their degrees, and try to unearth what's happening. Give us your ideas and help us as we begin to identifying possible strategies for the College to consider. These strategies and interventions will be systemic changes that can have a dramatic impact on student success.

All of us here--from our own students and alumni to those teaching in our classrooms to the staff who provide guidance and support--have a role to play in creating a community that fosters student success. We need you to join us in asking, "Why?" and contributing your unique perspective.


Achievement Cafe  

    Learn about the Achievement Cafe, a college-wide discussion forum where faculty, staff and students shared insights and ideas about students' successes and challenges.

Professor Sree Ande Interview  

    Listen to Professor Sree Ande from the Department of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science talk about her experiences with math-challenged students.