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Dear Alumni,

I hope the first half of 2010 has been as wonderful for you as it has been for us here at your alma mater. The LaGuardia campus has been abuzz with events, conferences and student activities, and this issue of LaGuardia Connections highlights many, but far from all, of the College’s riches.

Alumni Reconnect - The First 10 Years Reunion

Apparently you CAN go home again. Just ask one of over 100 LaGuardia alumni who attended  "The First 10 Years" alumni reception on March 24 that brought together LaGuardia graduates from the graduating classes of 1973-1983.

Scholarship Fundraising Success

The LaGuardia Community College Foundation held its 2010 Innovative Leadership Award Reception on June 1 for two very special reasons: to honor two supporters of higher education and to raise scholarship funds for LaGuardia students.

Summer School that's Cool

It may be hard to believe, but summer school can be educational AND fun, especially here at LaGuardia. Our Adult ad Continuing Education classes can help you explore new career options like accounting or healthcare, brush up on your math and writing skills.

Making A Difference

awardAs a LaGuardia Community College alumnus/a, you know that our student population is one of the most diverse in the country. Students from over 150 countries, speaking 117 languages all come here for access to a higher education. Make a gift online that will help them achieve their dreams.



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Claudia Duarte '02

My name is Claudia Duarte and I graduated from LaGuardia Community College in 2002. I always wanted to know what I could offer as an alumna,

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Layla Quinones

“When I came to LaGuardia I was exposed to a different world. And this is part of the reason I want to be a high school teacher. I want to influence these young kids, and grab their attention, not just about physics, but I want to help them identify the bigger picture.”

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LaGuardia Now


LaGuardia is a special place. Students from all over the world share their culture; ideas and knowledge with each other, and dedicated faculty go the extra mile to help students succeed.

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LaGuardia Community College


Located in Long Island City, Queens in New York City, LaGuardia Community College, part of the City University of New York, is a nationally recognized leader among community colleges. Founded in 1971, the College is recognized as an innovator in educating students who are under prepared for college work and/or are not primary English speakers. A catalyst for development in western Queens and beyond, LaGuardia serves New Yorkers and immigrants from over 150 countries through over 50 majors and certificate programs, enabling career advancement and transfer to four-year colleges at twice the national average. Visit  to learn more.

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