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  • President’s Society Ushers Community College Students from Classroom to Workforce

    In his State of the Union address this year, President Obama proposed a plan to offer  free tuition for two years at community colleges to make the path to a degree and better jobs even easier for low-income students and their families. But money isn’t the only hurdle for some community college students.

    Andrea Vasquez reports on a unique program at LaGuardia Community College called the  President’s Society where students are learning professional and life skills you can’t experience in a classroom.

  • LaGuardia students come from more than 150 different countries, speaking over 125 native languages, yet their determination to create a stronger future for themselves and their families through higher education is the dream they all share.

    Long before their college journey even begins however, our students face significant obstacles—financial, academic, personal—that have derailed their goal of earning a degree and pursuing their dreams.

    But LaGuardia Community College is a place where students have the opportunity to not just succeed, but to thrive. Talented faculty and supportive staff give them the knowledge, resources and encouragement needed to push past obstacles, to dare to do more, and write their own futures.

    Programs like the President's Society, Luce World Pathways at LaGuardia Community College  provide real world skills and connections for success offering opportunities to share your personal and professional insights and experiences. 

    To hear what our students say about their path to a degree at LaGuardia, watch:

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