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  • Ana Maria Hernandez

    Professor, Education and Language Acquisition Department
    Ana Maria Hernandez
    Dr. Hernandez carries on the tried and true tradition of our founders – she’s driven to experiment and brings ingenuity to her classroom.
    LaGuardia needed, what we here call, a jack of all trades, and I fit the description for that particular department,” she recalls. Dr. Hernández developed courses in Spanish grammar, and Spanish-and English-language Latin American Literature and Culture. When new information was discovered about the Mayan civilizations in 1973, Dr. Hernández recreated the Latin American Civilizations course to reflect the new findings.

    Dr. Hernández majored in Spanish and Latin American Literature with a minor in 19th Century History at Queens College. She learned French, Italian and German before completing her masters in Comparative Literature at the CUNY Graduate Center Center and then earned her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from New York University.

    LaGuardia was just shy of a year old in 1972 when Dr. Ana María Hernández began as an adjunct professor for the Department of Language and Culture – the forerunner of the English Department and the Humanities Department; and later, the Education and Language Acquisition Department. “Had I stayed in Cuba, I would have been a historian,” says the visionary scholar.

    “The epitome of a Renaissance woman, Dr. Hernández is currently working on an edition of the 19th Century Cuban classic Cecilia Valdés o la Loma Del Ángel, for which The New York Public Library has granted her special permission to review a very fragile, early version of the novel. “I have to hold the corners with the tip of my fingers when I turn the pages, otherwise I risk it turning to dust,” she says.

    After receiving a Focus Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities in 2003 to explore the “African Roots of Latin Music,” she and her colleagues, Dr. Max Rodríguez and Dr. Gustavo Moretto, incorporated this research into the courses they teach at LaGuardia.

    “I’m very grateful to CUNY, the avant-garde,” she says. “I’ve grown a lot at LaGuardia and I’ve always felt that my work is greatly appreciated.”

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