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Cutting Class

Joy Huang, Age 15  

     When I go through the classrooms, I usually see some empty seats. I wonder, ďAre those students cutting class?Ē Why do students want to cut class? Maybe itís for fun, to escape, or to rebel. Students who cut class have different reasons. Most of the students might just want to play around. They havenít got a heart for school and study. However, what if they go to some pubs and drink liquor and use drugs? Their future is in their own hands and they just easily destroy it by using liquor and drugs. They might have no chance of turning back; they would feel sorry for themselves until they died.

     Some of the students cut class because they have a test. They didnít study for the test, so they are afraid they would fail the test. So then they choose to cut class to avoid taking the test. What happens if you get a zero on your test? You fail the class. Although getting lower grades mean failing the class, too, but itís better than getting a zero because you didnít try.  A zero means you did nothing to help get high grades. Lower grades means you tried to get good grades, and you still can work harder to get a high grade even though you didnít do well this time.

     Some students just want to resist their parents. Parents decide everything for us. Why should we listen to them? Yes, we can listen to our parents. We can even ask our parents to let us control our own lives. However, on the other hand, letís think why do our parents want to decide some things for us and donít want us to decide it for ourselves. They want us to have a good life until we have the ability to handle on our own problems. Letís think on another way, suppose your parents donít care about you. What do you think and feel about your parents? You hate them. You donít thank them for their kindness to let you be free and you hate them. Why? Because you might have almost died because of this freedom. You might not even survive to be a parent because thereís nobody to take care of you. Cutting class may be fun now, but itís not fun after you grow up.

     Below are five ways I learned to fight truancy. First, let parents be included in all truancy prevention activities. Parents play an important role in family. They are great influences on young people to make sure they go to school everyday and to know how a good education can affect their future more than any other people. Second, make sure that students get support. Schools should tell students that they accept zero tolerance, which is zero for everything. For drug use, truancy, and violence. State legalists have found out that linking truancy to such items as a studentís grades or driver license can help to diminish the problem. Third, give meaningful encouragement for parental responsibility. Itís urgent that parents of truant children be responsible for their childrenís behavior. In some states, parents of truant children are asked to participate in parenting educating programs. Communities also give parents who make sure that their child hasnít cut class encouragement. Fourth, create ongoing truancy prevention programs in school. Schools should give students tutoring programs, help them to prevent drug use, and make sure parents support students to have a regular attendance. For those people who want to work after graduating from school, schools should provide school-to-work opportunities for them. Fifth, all neighborhoods can help to prevent students truancy. Local police and probation officers can drop off those truant students to community run temporary detention centers rather then bring them to their local police station. These are the basic five ways that I believe would work well. 

     Cutting class will turn a personís future into darkness. Be sad in the future? Or work hard now? It is your choice. If you understand this, donít cut class anymore.  For more information go to