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  • An Overview of Travel Procedures

    All LaGuardia Community College Faculty/Staff members who plan to travel for business purposes must read and adhere to these procedures for the College to prepay business related travel expenses.

    NOTE: The City of New York Directive 6 Rules apply to all travel by LaGuardia Community College faculty/staff/travelers.

    Documentation/Information Required For Travel Arrangements:

    1. Centralized Travel Form (CTF)
      All travel requires a signed Centralized Travel Form (CTF) before any arrangements can be confirmed. Purchasing will process a travel request only with a signed CTF. Please ensure that all pertinent information is provided on this form, e.g. budget/expense code, V.P./Dean signature, accurate travel dates, contact information. The CTF can be downloaded from here

      NOTE: Complete travel information should be brought to the Purchasing Department at least thirty days prior to your desired travel date. If the conference that you are attending has a deadline for registration, especially with early registration rates, submit the information to Purchasing in a timely manner to ensure that registration is submitted to the conference.
    2. Registration
      Please submit complete registration forms. If the conference that you are attending offers online registration, which is the most convenient, print a copy of the form with your information and include it with your request. Purchasing will complete the online registration on your behalf. 

      Remember to include your member number, if applicable, and log-in information.

      Include a conference brochure with your submission.

    3. Travel
      Please provide information for the method of travel you wish to use. Methods of travel include airline, railroad, bus, etc. This should include date, time, departure/arrival location, and cost that has been obtained within 24 hours of submission to Purchasing. Purchasing will not research travel dates, times, carriers, etc. Keep in mind that only the most economical method of travel will be considered.

    4. Accommodations
      Information for accommodations should include name of lodging place, conference cost (if applicable), date(s) of lodging, and reservations phone number. If available, the conference hotel should be used. Be sure to note the deadlines for conference hotel bookings. The College will only pay for room and taxes. Upon check out from the hotel, confirm that the College’s credit card has been charged for the room and taxes.

    5. Appointments for Travel Arrangements
      When all documentation and information is ready for submission, contact Purchasing at ext. 5528 to make an appointment to come by and finalize travel arrangements.

    6. Returning
      Upon returning from your trip, please be sure to submit your approved personal travel expense form with original receipts, including the hotel invoice and travel receipts, to Accounts Payable (Room E413) within 10 business days from the date of your return. If the appropriate documentation is not submitted, the reimbursement cannot be processed.


    NOTE - For travelers using Research Foundation (RF) funding:

    Along with submitting travel documentation, you must also submit a green and white RF request form and an approved RF reimbursement memo.