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  • Purchases up to $500.00

    Goods or Services of this amount do not require bidding. A price quote from the prospective vendor is needed. Purchasing will question amounts considered above normal prices and may ask for additional quotes. If needed, Purchasing will get the price quote for departments.

    Purchases over $500 and under $5000

    Goods and Services require competitive bids if the Purchasing deems it necessary, unless utilizing government contracts. Please contact Purchasing first if purchasing items in this price range. Purchasing will determine if bidding is necessary. Once Purchasing obtains pricing, the quote will be sent to requisitioning department where the department must create a purchase requisition in CUNY 1st procurement. All documentation should be scanned and attached to the requisition in CUNY 1st.

    Purchases over $5000 to $19,999

    Goods and services require formal bidding process. Departments should send detailed information and specifications to Purchasing. Purchasing will create a bid document and dispatch it to vendors. The prospective bidders are usually given ten business days to respond. After Purchasing receives bid pricing, the resulting information will be sent to the requisition department. The department will then need to create a requisition in CUNY 1st Procurement and attach all documentation.

    Purchases over $20,000

    Unless utilizing a government contract, (NYC, NYS, GSA, CUNY, etc.) this purchase requires a formal contract. Departments will need to consult with Purchasing Department staff on how to proceed. Detailed specifications entered into the contract document will be necessary. The purchase requires approximately four to six months for completion. The process must be approved by CUNY Legal, NYC Legal office and NYC Comptroller Office. Once the winning contracted is awarded, a requisition must be created in CUNY 1st Procurement.


    An Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) is necessary for contracting consultants. Please contact Purchasing for the latest version of the document. After filling out the document, departments must send the ICA to Purchasing. After Purchasing reviews the document, the ICA will be returned to the department which must forward the ICA to the Consultant to fill out, sign and return the ICA. The ICA is then sent to the Purchasing Department for the College to sign. A requisition must be created in CUNY 1st Procurement. For all methods of purchasing, Government contracts are the quickest and easiest way to secure goods and services. Always ask prospective vendors if they have a government contract. Additional information can be found in the Purchasing FAQ documents on this site.