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    LaGuardia Community College Pathways “Opt In” Policy

    For current students, there is a one-time only opportunity to opt in to Pathways this spring before registering for fall classes. Students who opt in cannot later opt out and must complete their degrees under the new requirements.

    Whether or not current students opt in to Pathways here at LaGuardia, they will automatically be in Pathways when transferring to a CUNY senior college.

    A student who changes major in Spring 2013 will be required to follow Pathways curricular guidelines.

    In Fall 2013 Pathways will become the required general education curriculum for all entering first-time freshmen and transfer students, as well as readmitted students absent for more than one semester.

    How will students know if credits will be lost when opting in to Pathways?

    Students should log onto Degree Audit.

    Compare a hard copy of the current major’s Degree Audit with the audit using the Pathways “What If” function to determine if credits will be lost by opting in to Pathways.


    Students enrolled in a certificate program are not required to follow Pathways Curricular Guidelines.

    Changing to Pathways may require students to take more than 60 credits to earn a degree. This may extend the anticipated graduation date and may affect eligibility to receive Federal and State Financial aid.

    To ensure you fully understand how the requirements of your degree program work with Pathways visit your My LaGuardia and click "Ask an Advisor" or call (718) 482-6070 to schedule an appointment with an academic adviser.


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