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  • Flexible Common Core

    Flexible Core: 18 credits

    One course from each of the five flexible core categories AND one additional course from any flexible core category.
    Note: Students can select only two courses from any one discipline.

    To complete the degree requirements from the Flexible Core, students are advised to select courses from the recommended course selections listed in the online Program Guide.

    Click here to learn more about the courses in the Flexible Common Core.

    Please note AS and AAS programs may require additional Common Core courses when transferring to a CUNY College.

    To ensure you fully understand how the requirements of your degree program work with Pathways please visit My LaGuardia and click 'Ask an Advisor', or call (718) 482-6070 to schedule an appointment with an academic adviser. 

  •  World Cultures & Global Issues

    Education & Language Acquisition Department
    Discipline:  Modern Languages
    ELA101 Elementary Arabic 1
    ELA102 Elementary Arabic 2
    ELC101 Modern Chinese I
    ELC102 Modern Chinese II
    ELC103 Intermediate Chinese I
    ELC105 Modern Chinese for Heritage Students
    ELC106 Modern Chinese for Heritage Students II
    ELF101 Elementary French I
    ELF102 Elementary French II
    ELF103 Intermediate French I
    ELF105 French for Heritage Speakers
    ELI101 Elementary Italian I
    ELI102 Elementary Italian II
    ELI103 Intermediate Italian
    ELJ101 Elementary Japanese I
    ELJ102 Elementary Japanese II
    ELJ103 Intermediate Japanese I
    ELJ104 Intermediate Japanese II
    ELJ105 Japanese for Heritage Students
    ELK101 Elementary Korean I
    ELK102 Elementary Korean II
    ELK103 Intermediate Korean
    ELK105 Korean for Heritage Speakers
    ELM101 American Sign Language I
    ELM102 American Sign Language II
    ELM103 American Sign Language III
    ELM104 American Sign Language IV
    ELP101 Elementary Polish I
    ELP102 Elementary Polish II
    ELP103 Intermediate Polish I
    ELP105 Polish for Heritage Speakers
    ELR101 Elementary Russian I
    ELR102 Elementary Russian II
    ELS101 Elementary Spanish I
    ELS102 Elementary Spanish II
    ELS103 Intermediate Spanish
    ELS104 Intermediate Spanish II
    ELS105 Spanish for Heritage Speakers I
    ELS106 Spanish for Heritage Speakers II
    ELS209 Spanish and Grammar Usage
    ELT 101 Elementary Tibetan I
    ELT 102 Elementary Tibetan II
    ELT105 Tibetan for Heritage Speakers
    ELV105 Bengali for Heritage Speakers
    ELZ101 Elementary Portuguese I
    ELZ102 Elementary Portuguese II

    Discipline: Communication Skills
    CSE 150 The Evolution of Reading Experience

    Discipline:  Language and Literature
    ELA201 Modern Arabic Literature
    ELC201 Modern Chinese Literature
    ELC203 Classic Chinese Literature
    ELC250 Chinese Literature in English Translation
    ELF201 French Literature from a Global Perspective
    ELF250 Modern French Literature in Translation
    ELP201 Polish Literature
    ELR250 20th Century Russian Literature in Translation
    ELS204 Latin American Civilizations

    English Department
    Discipline:  Literary Studies  
    ENG205 The Bible as Literature
    ENG250 The Short Story
    ENG266 Shakespeare
    ENG270 Introduction to Poetry
    ENG290 British Literature I
    ENG294 Classical Literature

    Health Science Department
    Discipline:  Health
    SCN194 HIV/Aids Science & Society

    Humanities Department
    Discipline:  Fine Arts  
    HUA215 Art of the Renaissance in Italy
    HUN192 Art and Society*

    Discipline:  Media Studies
    HUC150 Art of Film

    Discipline: Music
    HUM109 World Music

    Discipline:  Philosophy
    HUP105 Philosophy of Religion
    HUP116 Latin American Philosophy
    HUP117 Medieval Renaissance Philosophy
    HUP118 African Philosophy
    HUP121 Eastern Philosophical Traditions

    Discipline:  Theater
    HUT210 Theatre: Pre-History to the Renaissance
    HUT211 Theatre: Renaissance to Modern Times

    Social Science Department

    Discipline:  Anthropology
    SSA101 Cultural Anthropology
    SSA120 Peoples & Culture of the Caribbean

    Discipline:  Economics
    SSE105 International Economics

    Discipline:  Geography
    SSE125 World Geography

    Discipline:  History
    SSH103 Western Civilization from Ancient Times to the Renaissance
    SSH104 Western Civilization from Renaissance to Modern Times
    SSH105 World History from Ancient Times to 1500
    SSH106 World History from 1500 to present
    SSH110 East Asian Civilization & Societies
    SSH113 Modern Chinese History
    SSH114 Modern Japanese History
    SSH121 Ancient Greek Civilization
    SSH122 History of the Roman State and People
    SSH232 Survey of Latin American & Caribbean History

    Discipline:  Political Science
    SSP200 Global Politics

    Download PDF version: World Cultures & Global Issues

     U.S. Experience in its Diversity

    Education & Language Acquisition Department
    Discipline:  Applied Linguistics
    ELN101 Introduction to Bilingualism*

    Discipline:  Reading 
    CSE120  Reading the Biography

    Discipline:  Puerto Rican Studies
    ELN194 The Puerto Rican Community

    English Department
    Discipline:  Literary Studies
    ENG204 Asian American Literature
    ENG225 Afro-American Literature
    ENG235 Cultural Identity in American Literature
    ENG248 Latina/o Writing in the U.S.
    ENG268 The Immigrant Experience in American Literature
    ENG269 Contemporary Black American Fiction
    ENG292 American Literature I
    ENG293 American Literature II
    ENN195 Violence in American Art & Culture*
    ENN240 Literature of the City

    Health Sciences Department

    Discipline: Health
    SCN240 Food and Culture

    Humanities Department
    Discipline:  Philosophy
    HUP109 Philosophy of Law

    Discipline:  Theater
    HUT220 Contemporary Latina/o Theatre in the United States

    Discipline: Media
    HUC270 American Film

    Social Science Department
    Discipline:  Community Organizing
    SSN103 Introduction to Labor and Community Organizing

    Discipline:  History
    SSH101 Themes in American History I
    SSH102 Themes in American History II
    SSH231 Afro-American History
    SSN183 History of Minorities*
    SSN240 History of New York City*

    Discipline:  Political Science
    SSP101 U.S. Power & Politics
    SSP245 Law & Human Rights in America

    Discipline:  Psychology
    SSN280 Urban Black Psychology*

    Discipline:  Sociology
    SSN103 Introduction to Labor and Community Organizing*  

    Download PDF version: U.S. Experience in its Diversity

     Creative Expressions

    Education and Language Acquisition Department

    Discipline:  Education
    ELE110 Arts in Education

    English Department
    Discipline:  Creative Writing
    ENG271 Poetry Writing
    ENG274 Creative Non-fiction Workshop
    ENG276 Fiction Writing Workshop
    ENN191 Art, Politics, and Protest
    ENN198 Creative Writing Workshop*
    HUC/ENG238 Screenwriting

    Discipline:  Journalism
    ENG212 Feature Writing for Newspapers

    Discipline:  Literary Studies
    ENG265 The Drama
    ENG275 The Great Writer
    ENG289 Introduction to Literary Study

    Humanities Department

    Discipline:  Communication Studies
    HUC106 Public Speaking
    HUC140 Introduction to Broadcasting

    Discipline:  Fine Arts
    HUA101 Introduction to Art
    HUA165 Art History: Pre-historic through Gothic
    HUA166 Art History: Renaissance through Modern
    HUA200 Art of the 20th Century
    HUA202 History of Photography
    HUN195 Art in New York*

    Discipline:  Music
    HUM101 Introduction to Music
    HUM210 American Music

    Discipline:  Philosophy
    HUP107 Philosophy of Art

    Discipline:  Theater
    HUT101 Art of Theater

    Download PDF version: Creative Expressions

     Individual & Society

    Education & Language Acquisition Department 
    Discipline:  Literary Studies
    ELS200 Latin American Literature I
    ELS201 Latin American Literature II
    ELV201 Modern Bengali Literature
    ELA250 Arabic Literature in Translation
    ELJ201 Modern Japanese Literature
    ELJ250 Japanese Literature in Translation
    ELK250 Modern Korean Literature in Translation
    ELS250 Latin American Fiction in Translation

    Discipline: Linguistics 
    ELL220 Applied Linguistics

    Discipline:  Reading
    CSE110 Literacy and Propaganda

    English Department
    Discipline:  Journalism
    ENG210 Journalism: Its Scope and Use
    ENG213 Broadcast Journalism: Writing for Radio

    Discipline:  Literary Studies
    ENG245 Images of Women in Literature
    ENG247 The Woman Writer
    ENG260 The Novel
    ENG261 Literature of Difference
    ENG280 Children’s Literature

    Health Sciences Department
    Discipline:  Health Sciences
    SCH150 Drugs, Society & Human Behavior
    SCH210 Human Sexuality

    Humanities Department

    Discipline:  Philosophy
    HUP101 Introduction to Philosophy
    HUP102 Critical Thinking
    HUP104 Ethics and Moral Issues
    HUP106 Social and Political Philosophy: Making a World of Difference
    HUP108 Environmental Ethics
    HUP114 Medical Ethics

    Discipline: Communication
    HUC101 Fundamentals of Communication
    HUC117 Introduction to Computer-mediated Communication
    HUC120 Mass Media and Their Evolution

    Social Science Department

    Discipline:  Anthropology
    SSN182 Urban Anthropology*

    Discipline:  Economics
    SSE103 Introduction to Microeconomics
    SSE104 Introduction to Macroeconomics
    SSN189 The Urban Economy*

    Discipline:  Political Science
    SSP250 Political Ideas & Ideologies

    Discipline:  Psychology
    SSN184 Environmental Psychology*
    SSY200 Personality Psychology
    SSY240 Developmental Psychology I
    SSY241 Developmental Psychology II
    SSY250 Social Psychology

    Discipline:  Sociology
    SSI210 Women in Society
    SSN194 Religion and Social Change
    SSN202 Environmental Sociology*
    SSS100 Introduction to Sociology
    SSS102 Social Movements

    Download PDF version: Individual & Society

     Scientific World

    Education & Language Acquisition Department
    Discipline:  Applied Linguistics
    ELL101 Introduction to Language

    Health Sciences Department
    Discipline:  Nutrition
    SCD200 Introduction to Nutrition

    Humanities Department
    Discipline:  Communication
    HUC119 Non-Verbal Communication
    Discipline:  Philosophy
    HUP112 Logic & Philosophy  

    Mathematics, Engineering & Computer Science
    Discipline:  Mathematics
    MAT200 PreCalculus (STEM)
    MAT201 Calculus I (STEM)

    Natural Sciences Department

    Discipline:  Biology
    SCB115 Principles of Biology (STEM)
    SCB165 Vertebrate Evolution
    SCB201 Fundamentals of Biology I (STEM)
    SCB202 Fundamentals of Biology II (STEM)
    SCB203 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (STEM)
    SCB204 Human Anatomy & Physiology II (STEM)
    SCB265 Fundamentals of Ecology (STEM)   

    Discipline:  Chemistry
    SCC201 Fundamentals of Chemistry I (STEM)
    SCC202 Fundamentals of Chemistry II (STEM)
    SCC105 Introduction to Chemistry (STEM)
    SCC110 Foundations of Chemistry (STEM)

    Discipline:  Oceanography
    SCG120 Introduction to Oceanography

    Discipline:  Physics
    SCP160 Foundations for the Physical Sciences
    SCP201 Fundamentals of Physics I (STEM)
    SCP202 Fundamentals of Physics II (STEM)
    SCP231 General Physics I (STEM)
    SCP232 General Physics II (STEM)

    Social Science Department
    Discipline:  Anthropology
    SSA100 Introduction to Anthropology
    SSA103 Introduction to Archaeology

    Discipline:  Psychology
    SSY101 General Psychology
    SSY230 Abnormal Psychology   

    Download PDF version: Scientific World

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