• Opening Sessions 

    The theme for this year’s Opening Sessions is Student Engagement: On Campus, Online and Onward 

    Research shows that when students are engaged with college faculty and staff, other students, and with the content of their courses, they are more likely to achieve their academic goals. At LaGuardia we aim to foster an engaging environment for our students, encouraging retention and graduation. We hope that LaGuardia students will begin, or continue on, a life-long journey of learning. Furthermore, with more online and hybrid courses, the question of how to engage students has become even more multi-faceted. How do we compete with all of students' other engagements? And how do we use these engagements to contribute to learning?         

    Many of the current initiatives at LaGuardia deal with improving student engagement, from the first year seminars to the new advising model. We hope this year's theme will allow the LaGuardia community to come together and talk about what we are doing everyday to strengthen student engagement and promote retention, graduation and life-long learning.