• Opening Sessions Theme

    The theme for this year’s Opening Sessions is Innovative Collaborations: Celebrating and Building on Achievements in Higher Education.

    Helen Keller famously said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” LaGuardia Community College has an impressive set of faculty, staff and students – made even more so through our numerous innovative collaborations. This year’s Opening Sessions aims to bring to the forefront the successful collaborations taking place at the college. How have we harnessed our collective energies to work towards common goals? How has the connectedness of the world around us allowed us to collaborate in innovative ways? Which milestones were reached and what discoveries were made when we pooled our time, talent, and technologies?

    There are many types of collaboration to discuss: between faculty members, between departments, between divisions, between faculty and students, between students, between colleges (including international collaborations), and with the surrounding neighborhoods. This Opening Sessions will showcase and celebrate the results of these partnerships and serve as a venue for thoughtful inquiry into how we can extend and build on our collective achievements.

    Please join us as we launch the academic year with an engaging, stimulating and insightful dialogue.