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    1 - What is a blended learning course? 

    • A blended learning course combines on-site classroom instruction with an online learning component that is conducted via Blackboard and other out-of-class activities.

    2 - What is a typical course schedule? 

    • Blended learning classes meet once each week for two hours in the classroom and for two hours each week online at a time of the student’s choosing. The four hours do not include the time it will take to complete class assignments listed on the course syllabus.
    • Students must complete course assignments by the specified due dates.

    3 - Is blended learning right for me? 

    • Blended learning is for students who wish to combine face-to-face instruction with online activities such as collaborative discussions, group projects, or other assignments.
    • Successful blended learning students are:interested in active and participatory learning both in the classroom and online;
    • comfortable with using the computer, the Internet, and Blackboard;
    • organized and good at time management;
    • strong writers, critical thinkers, and communicators;
    • willing to dedicate quality time to the online component of the class.

    4 - How much time should I expect to spend online? 

    • Blended learning students should expect to spend between 2-3 additional hours online throughout the week. This time does not include regular coursework such as reading, writing, and studying.

    5 - What should I expect in blending learning course? 

    • Blended learning courses provide more flexibility in when you attend class than traditional on-site courses, but they require just as much dedication and focus on the learning process. The reward for the student comes from taking a more active, participatory role in the learning process. By engaging and collaborating with other students and the instructor on a regular basis in the classroom and online discussions, the blended learning student becomes an active contributor to the learning process.

    6 - What are the other benefits for students who take a blended learning course? 

    • The skills you build and use in blended learning – organization, time management, and problem solving – are life skills that will benefit you in your study at LaGuardia Community College, in your work, and in your personal life.
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