• Health Sciences Department

  • Nursing Programs

    Professor Kathleen Karsten 
    PhD, RN-BC

    office  E300X
    phone  718-482-5782
    email  email me  

  • Faculty

    Faith Armstrong RN, MS
    Assistant Professor
    C 252 K 718-482-5470 farmstrong@lagcc.cuny.edu
    Michelle Brown RN, MA
    Assistant Professor 
    E 300 GG 718-482-6085 mibrown@lagcc.cuny.edu
    Patricia M. Dillon RN, MA
    E 300 K 718-482-5497 PDillon@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Natalya Fazylova RN, MS
    Associate Professor 
    E 300 L 718-482-6078 NFazylova@lagcc.cuny.edu
    Philip Gimber  NP, RN, Chairperson of Health Sciences Department
    Associate Professor
    E 300 Y 718-482-5745 PGimber@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Unn Hidle RN, MS
    E 300 Z 718-482-5767 UHidle@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Margarita Israilova NP, MS, RN
    Assistant Professor 
    E 300 L 718-482-6078 misrailova@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Kathleen Karsten  PhD, RN-BC
    Deputy Chair of Nursing Programs, Associate Professor
    E 300 X 718-482-5782 KKarsten@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Karren Liebert  MS, RN
    Assistant Professor
    E 300 E 718-482-6035 KLiebert@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Deborah McMillan-Coddington RN, MS
    Coordinator LPN to RN Advanced Standing Pathway, Associate Professor
    E 300 S 718-482-5312 DMcmillan@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Kyaw Naing NP, MS, RN
    Assistant Professor
    E 300 EE 718-482-6076 knaing@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Margaret Norris  RN, MS
    Assistant Professor
    E 300 D  718-482-5769 MNorris@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Rosely Octaviano RN, MA
    E 300 F 718-482-5766 Octavianoro@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Lisa O'Donnell MS, RN
    Coordinator of LPN Program, Assistant Professor
    E 300 C 718-482-5248 LOdonnell@lagcc.cuny.edu
    Roxanne Reid
    Assistant Professor
    E 300 B 718-482-5923 RoReid@lagcc.cuny.edu
    Suzanne Rosenberg RN, MA
    Assistant Professor
    E 300 A  718-482-6080  SRosenberg@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Arlene Spinner RN, MS  
    Assistant Professor
    E 300 E  718-482-6035  ASpinner@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Marina Yuabova  
    Assistant Professor
    E 300 L  718-482-6078  MYuabova@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    David Emig
    Registered Nursing Program
    C-252 J 718-482-5470 demig@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Jennifer Louis
    Practical Nursing Program
    E-300 FF 718-482-6081 jlouis@lagcc.cuny.edu 


    Mylene Cu
    College Lab Technician 
    E 358  718-482-5773  MCu@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Varvara Efremova
    College Lab Technician 
    E 358  718-482-5773  VEfremova@lagcc.cuny.edu
    Irene Ofiaza
    College Lab Technician 
    E 358  718-482-5773  IOfiaza@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Jazmine Freire
    Administrative Coordinator for Health Sciences
    E 300 718-482-5774  JFreire@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Yon Lee
    LPN Program
    Administrative Assistant
    E 300  718-482-5774  YLee@lagcc.cuny.edu  

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