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    Welcome to the Nursing Programs at LaGuardia Community College. The Nursing Student Handbooks will familiarize you with information pertinent to any of the nursing programs. You are responsible for knowing the material in this handbook and seeking clarification as needed. Each student should also have a current copy of the LaGuardia Community College Catalog. Nursing is rich in opportunities and offers enormous flexibility in career development. New graduates must be able to identify and meet client needs according to the parameters of professional practice in a variety of settings, have solid communication skills and be familiar with computer technology.

    There are approximately seventy-five different specialties in nursing. Nurses practice in hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, clients’ homes, schools, long-term care facilities, industry and community agencies. They are engaged in direct client care, administration, education, and/or research. Nurses in advanced practice are prepared to assume greater autonomy in areas such as primary care, clinical specialties, anesthesia and midwifery.

    We realize that there are concerns due to the countries present financial slump. A report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on June 2011, confirmed that healthcare is continuing to grow. They stated that as of June, there was an increase of 14,000 jobs with the largest growth in ambulatory care. Registered nurses are considered to make up the largest percentage of the healthcare workforce and are expected to berecruited to fill many of these new positions. Over the last 12 months, it is estimated by BLS that health care added approximately 24,000 jobs each month. Overall job opportunities are expected to continue with an antipated growth of 22 percent from 2008 to 2018 varing by employment and geographic setting.

    Nationwide, there continue to be advances in health care technology, a consistently growing aged population, social changes and ongoing restructuring of the health care system. According to the American Nurses Association (ANA), unfilled positions do exist, but hospitals just aren't filling them due to the ecomony. Faculty strongly encourage all graduates to continue their education in baccalaureate and graduate programs in nursing, as well as broadening the job search area. Combined, these will hopefully make the graduate nurse more marketable.

    May you enjoy success and deep satisfaction in the pursuit of a nursing career here at LaGuardia.

    Kathleen Karsten PhD, RN-BC
    Director, Nursing Programs / Health Sciences
    Associate Professor


    Pre-requisite course code change

      SCC210 Foundations of Chemistry has been changed to SCC110 as of Fall 2014.

  • Health Sciences Advising Council

    Academic advisement for students who need to complete developmental skills courses, and who are on probation, is provided by the Health Sciences Academic Advisors. Students can contact academic advisors for additional information or clarification as needed. Contact information for the academic advisors is:

    Jill Janofsky
    Academic Advisor
    Office: B-100
    Phone (718) 482-5249
    E-mail: jjanosfky@lagcc.cuny.edu  
    Jean Buckley-Lockhart
    Academic Advisor
    Office: B-100
    Phone (718) 482-5258
    E-mail: jeanb@lagcc.cuny.edu  
    Carole Julien
    Academic Advisor
    Office: B-100
    Phone (718) 482-6006
    E-mail: cjulien@lagcc.cuny.edu  
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