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    MAT - Mathematics

    • MAT132: History of Mathematics 
    • MAT200: Precalculus 
    • MAT201: Calculus I 
    • MAT202: Calculus II 
    • MAT203: Calculus III 
    • MAT204: Elementary Differential Equations 
    • MAT210: Linear Algebra 
    • MAT221: Introduction to Probability 
    • MAT230: Introduction to Discrete Mathematical Structures 
    • MAT241: Technical Mathematics I 
    • MAT242: Technical Mathematics II 

    MAE - Engineering

    • MAE101: Engineering Lab I 
    • MAE103: Engineering Lab II (MATLAB)
    • MAE211: Engineering Mechanics (Statics) 
    • MAE213: Electrical Circuits  

    MAC - Computer Sciences

    • MAC101 Introduction to Computer Science 
    • MAC109 Introduction to Visual Programming 
    • MAC110 Systems Analysis and Design 
    • MAC125 Advanced C/C++ Programming
    • MAC190 Object-Oriented Programming 
    • MAC196 BASIC Assembler Language for Computer Science
    • MAC230 Computer Operating  
    • MAC232 UNIX Network Operating Systems 
    • MAC233 Windows NT Network Operating System 
    • MAC241 Computer Electronics I
    • MAC242 Computer Electronics II
    • MAC245 Network and System Security 
    • MAC246 Advanced Network and System Security 
    • MAC250 Database Concepts and Programming 
    • MAC252 Advanced UNIX System Administration 
    • MAC253 Advanced NT System Administration  
    • MAC260 Introduction to Systems Administration
    • MAC265 Computer Hardware Interfacing and Programming
    • MAC281 Discrete Structures
    • MAC283 Computer Organization and Assembly Language
    • MAC286 Data Structures 
    • MAC289 Computer Technology Project  Lab
    • MAC291 Computer Logic, Design and Implementation I 
    • MAC292 Computer Logic, Design  and Implementation II
    • MAC293 Computer Repair and Network Maintenance
    • MAC295 Computer Architecture 
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