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  • The Department of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science has prepared a syllabus for each course which can be found in our Syllabi page.

    The syllabus outlines the objectives of your class, provides course policies, and clearly states the requirements for you to achieve a good grade.

    At the beginning of the semester, your instructor will go over the syllabus and the department policies. You are expected to comply with the policies laid out in this website and in the syllabus for each course.

    The following guidelines will help ensure your success in all courses:


    Be informed:  

    • Carefully read and review the examination policies for the course.
    • Review the grading policy for the course so that you understand how you can do well in the class.
    • Be aware that the use of calculators and other electronic devices is prohibited in the basic skills courses: MAT095 and MAT096. However, calculators may be required in advanced courses.
    • The Department of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science strictly enforces the policy on academic integrity. See LaGuardia Community College Policy on Academic Integrity.
    • Be aware that plagiarism of any kind is grounds for immediate failure and can have lasting effects on your academic career. To learn more about plagiarism and how to avoid it, see the Statement of Plagiarism provided by the English Department.

    Be prepared:  

    • Purchase all of the required materials for your course. These may include a textbook, access to online content, or both.
    • Adhere strictly to the attendance policy outlined on your instructor's syllabus.
    • Be on time for each class meeting.
    • Turn in all assignments on the date and time they are due. It is difficult for instructors to mark late assignments and to keep you on track to pass the course.
    • Read your textbook before and after class.  Be ready to ask questions, participate in class discussions, and contribute to class group work.

    Be courteous:  

    • Turn off cell phones, pagers, and other electronic devices at the start of each class so that you do not disturb others. Please do not leave class to take cell phone calls.
    • No eating or drinking is allowed in the computer labs. Use of the computers is monitored and restricted to the academic activities required by your class.
    • Treat your instructor and other students in the class with respect. LaGuardia has a rich and wonderful diversity. We expect that every student will read and follow the Declaration of Pluralism outlined in the student handbook.
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