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  •  Mathematics and Science
    Program Director:  Ann Feibel (718) 482-5642

        New Student Seminar 0
    English: 8 credits   
        Composition I: ENC/ENG 101 3
        Writing through Literature: ENG 102  3
        Preparing & Writing the Research Paper: ENG 103 2
    Humanities: 3 credits   
        Liberal Arts Elective1  3
    English/Humanities: 3 credits   
        Liberal Arts Elective1  3
    Liberal Arts: 4 credits   
        Integrated Seminar: Liberal Arts Cluster: LIB 110*2  1
        Humanism, Science & Technology: LIB 200 3
    Social Sciences: 9 credits   
        Liberal Arts Elective1  3
        Select one of the following courses:  3
        Introduction to Anthropology: SSA 100  
        Cultural Anthropology: SSA 101  
        Introduction to Microeconomics: SSE 103  
        Introduction to Macroeconomics: SSE 104  
        Political Ideas and Ideologies: SSP 250  
        U.S. Power & Politics: SSP 101  
        Introduction to Sociology: SSS 100  
        General Psychology: SSY 101  
        Select one of the following courses:  3
        Themes in American History to 1865: SSH 101  
        Themes in American History since 1865: SSH 102  
        Western Civilization-Ancient Times to Renaissance: SSH 103  
        Western Civilization-Renaissance to Modern Times: SSH 104  
        World History from Ancient Times to 1500: SSH 105  
        World History from 1500 to the Present: SSH 106  
        East Asia Civilization and Societies: SSH 110  
        Afro-American History: SSH 231  
        Survey of Latin America and Caribbean History: SSH 232  
    Math, Engineering & Computer Science/Natural Science: 24 credits   
    At least one math course numbered MAT 115 or higher and one laboratory science course must be included.  Students may follow one of the suggested patterns below:   
        Fundamentals of Biology I: SCB 201  
        Fundamentals of Biology II: SCB 202  
        General Chemistry I: SCC 201  
        General Chemistry II: SCC 202  
        Electives from Natural Sciences**   
        Precalculus: MAT 200  
        General Chemistry I: SCC 201      
        General Chemistry II: SCC 202  
        Organic Chemistry I: SCC 251  
        Organic Chemistry II: SCC 252  
        Calculus I: MAT 201  
        Calculus II: MAT 202  
        Electives from Natural Sciences or Mathematics**   
    (For Natural Sciences, select only course designations beginning with SCB, SCC, or SCP.)   
        College Algebra and Trigonometry: MAT 115***   
        Precalculus: MAT 200 if needed  
        Calculus I: MAT 201  
        Calculus II: MAT 202  
        Calculus III: MAT 203  
        Select 5-12 credits from the following courses:   
        Elementary Statistics I: MAT 120  
        Elementary Statistics II: MAT 121  
        Linear Algebra: MAT 210  
        Introduction to Discrete Mathematical Structures: MAT 230  
        Elementary Differential Equations: MAT 204  
        Introduction to Probability: MAT 221  
        Engineering Laboratory I: MAE 101  
        Engineering Laboratory II: MAE 103  
        General Physics I: SCP 231  
        General Physics II: SCP 232  
        General Chemistry I: SCC 201  
        General Chemistry II: SCC 202  
    Cooperative Education: 6 credits   
        Fundamentals of Professional Advancement: CEP 121 3
        Full-Time Internship: CEP 201 3
    (Both Day and Extended Day students are required to take CEP 121.  Extended Day students may take CEP 201 or an unrestricted elective course.)   
    Unrestricted Elective: 3 credits1   
    *Introductory Cluster Requirement   
    An introductory cluster containing four courses with an Integrated Seminar (LIB 110, one credit) is required for all DAY students; students must take the Cluster during 12-week session when they take ENG 101.  Extended Day students and students who change to Liberal Arts major after completing ENG 101 may substitute a Liberal Arts elective.  
    Total Credits:  60 
    ** To be chosen by the student in consultation with a faculty advisor.  
    *** MAT 115 is a prerequisite for MAT 200.  
    1 One of your elective courses in the categories above must be an Urban Study course.  NOTE: BTN 195, SCN 195 & HUN 245 are non-liberal arts Urban Study courses, and, if chosen, will only apply to the Unrestricted Elective category (all other Urban Study courses will satisfy the requirements of the 1 categories above)  
    2 If LIB 110 is not taken as part of the English cluster requirement, students may substitute any Liberal Arts elective credit (e.g., he/she may take LRC103 or may use a liberal arts credit that was transferred in--or taken--that is "not counted" towards the degree).  Note: The LIB110 box on DegreeWorks will never be checked off, but the Registrar's Office will automatically substitute the one liberal arts credit when evaluating the student's transcript for graduation.  Students do not need a waiver.  
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