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    •  Academic Advising

      All engineering students must consult their advisors before registration. Advisors are generally faculty members from the MEC department, this means they can answer questions not only about what courses to take, but also about transfer and career opportunities as well. Click here for the list of faculty advisors.


       Checklist before transfer to CCNY

      Click here  to view and download the checklist

       Engineering Lab Policy and Hours

      Engineering Lab Schedules

      Engineering Lab Rules and Safety :

      • The first priority for the use of the computers in the engineering lab is to satisfy course and instructional requirements.
      • Students must save data or document files to a flash drive or to Student's files folder located on the desktop. (Deep Freeze software will remove any installed programs or saved files, when computers restart).
      • Printers in the lab are to be used only for class assignments.
      • Students are not allowed to use the labs unless supervised by faculty or CLT
      • Food and/or drinks (including bottled water) are not allowed in the engineering lab.
      • Appropriate eye protection shall be worn, when using or operating mechanical equipment.
      • Be familiar with the electrical hazards associated with your workplace.
      • Do not try to operate equipment you think you know how to use but don’t! Ask someone who is knowlegeable to show you how to use it correctly.
      • After the lab is completed, return all the equipment to its proper storage location
       Students ePortfolio

      1. What is an ePortfolio?

      An electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) is a personal website given to every registered LaGuardia student. An ePortfolio not only helps you set educational and career goals, it is also a tool for reflective learning that can help you learn about yourself. LaGuardia is widely recognized for its innovative, comprehensive ePortfolio program.

      Why ePortfolio?

      To deepen student learning and engagement
      The LaGuardia ePortfolio encourages students to think about their learning within the broader context of family, career, culture, and experience.
      To build a community and to connect
      ePortfolio allows students to share their academic work with friends and family, connect with faculty, and work together with other students, inside and outside of classroom.
      For Recruitment and Advising
      The LaGuardia ePortfolio is used to recruit potential students and orient newly admitted ones. During orientation, students are given a sneak preview of what they can do with their ePortfolios and how they can benefit from having one.
      For Transfer and Employment
      LaGuardia’s ePortfolio helps students to examine and reflect on their learning and career goals and prepares them to move from LaGuardia to the worlds of work and advanced education.
      For Program Assessment
      All colleges and universities examine teaching and learning in order to improve the education they provide. At LaGuardia, this process is called Program Assessment. And we do it, in part, with students’ assignments placed in the Program Assessment area of the ePortfolio system.

      What is Assessment?

      All colleges and universities examine teaching practice and student learning in order to improve the education provided to students. At LaGuardia, this process is called Program Assessment. We do it, in part, with samples of class work that students place in the Program Assessment folder in the ePortfolio system. 

      How can I deposit my assignment on the Assessment area?

      Depositing Assessment : Instructions for Students Pdf or flash

      Engineering Lab Schedule


      Room E344

      Tentative Schedule Spring 2014 Semester:

      Session I 


      MAE100 (Introduction to CAD)   MAE100 (Introduction to CAD) MAC 241 (Computer Electronics I)    
      OPEN LAB
      OPEN LAB

      (10:00AM to 1:00PM)

      MAE 101 (Engineering Lab I)
      OPEN LAB
      MAE 211 (Engineering Mechanics: Statics)
      OPEN LAB
      MAE 211 (Engineering Mechanics: Statics)
      MAE 101 (Engineering Lab I)
      OPEN LAB
      MAE 219 LAB

      (2:45PM to 3:45PM)

      MAE 101 (Engineering Lab I)
      OPEN LAB

      (2:00PM to 4:30PM)

      OPEN LAB
      OPEN LAB  
      MAE 209 (Structural and Site Plans)


      MAE 209 (Structural and Site Plans)      
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      Faculty Office Hours
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